Kiddies with iPads

One of my classmates posted this YouTube video of a 2.5 year old playing with her new “toy”. It’s pretty fascinating to watch a child who can barely speak playing with an iPad. I’m not going to get into a debate on the advantages/disadvantages of giving kids techie toys (or the issues of education and privilege that arise), but what ever happened to giving a kid some crayons and a sheet of paper?

On a side note, my bchan made fun of me this weekend when we saw a kid (a teen this time, not a toddler) showing off his new iPad and I thought it was a black picture frame :p

sorry, you have the wrong number

Why is it that when someone dials the wrong number they assume that the person who answers is the one who is in the wrong?

A woman just called my cell and asked for someone named Debbie. I said, “Sorry, you must have dialed the wrong number.”

“But do you know Debbie?” she asks.

“Er… no, you must have misdialed.”

“Debbie isn’t there?”


Of course, not everyone reacts this way. Some callers realize they made a mistake, apologize, and hang up, but so many seem to keep trying to make some sort of magic happen. Maybe they think that if they ask hard enough the person they are trying to reach will come to the phone.