a run-in with the techie gods

After years of ignoring all those warnings about liquids and computers, last night I managed to spill a cup of water on my keyboard . It seemed to be alright, but when I turned it on this afternoon everything that I typed looked like this : h33e4=l09l09o2. I only spilled a few drops on the number keys, but the damage was done. I had to make an emergency trip to Best Buy for a new keyboard. I took it as a sign that it was high time to upgrade 🙂 so I got myself a wireless set, and now it feels like I have a whole new computer. In a way, it is almost like a new computer since the tower is all that is left of the original. I can actually see the letters on the keys again! Some of the letters on the old one had faded almost to invisibility. And this one is nice and quiet. And the mouse has back and forward buttons! (I’ve been playing with all the buttons). Very exciting, all this new technology.

zipping away

I tried to intall my CS3 only to find that my little old desktop was too weak to handle it–meaning, I had too little RAM on it to manage the installation. I had a moment where I thought it was all at an end until I recovered from my momentary brain lapse and remembered that I had installed RAM on my old desktop (dearly departed these last 5 years) when I was 14. I figured if I was able to do it when I was a kid, I could certainly do it now that I’m older and “wiser”. So I did and here we are, working at speeds the likes of which this old compy has never experienced. Luckily, Best Buy had a sale on PNY 1GB memory 😀 . I just hope the upgrade isn’t too much of a shock to Moony (it is an older model, but I refuse to give it up for a crappy Vista system).