a bit of ribbon

The layout I’ve been toying with seems to be in working order, for the most part… for some reason the header sometimes shifts out of place when the page loads. I’ve had this happen using several different browsers, but I haven’t been able to find the cause. I have discovered that reloading the page fixes the problem, so it may just be a one time loading glitch 😕 If anyone else notices this, please drop me a comment!

The bow was one of my Illustrator experiments, though everything I create in Illustrator is an experiment. I’ve titled this one “Victorian Hatbox”. My original idea was to make it look like those large ribbons that always seem to wrap around hatboxes in period films.

an lis portfolio

It seems ages since I’ve concentrated on anything web related (ie. look at the state of my poor, neglected fanlistings, let alone my laziness with updating this blog). To remedy that and test my disused skills, I spent the afternoon designing the portfolio that I told myself I would make. It’s for my LIS materials and I plan to update it every semester. I’d like to have this as a sort of professional portfolio to present when I start job prowling when I complete my degree. It’s a simple design… I haven’t the time to do much at the moment and as it’s been so long since I’ve made a page, I find that I really do need to refresh some of those old skills.

a good book and a cup of tea



Tired of the last layout, so I’m using a temp layout while I modify the css and customize the header… bear with while I tweak.


Done tweaking, everything should work now.

Now, I really should do some reading. I’ve been distracting myself with site stuff during the last two days. 😦 Need to get rid of that guilty feeling… the one where I know I have a ton of stuff to do and my excuse for putting it all off is weak at best.