dinner and a movie

Farmhouse Platter by emperatrix_
Farmhouse Platter, a photo by emperatrix_ on Flickr.

Finally got around to using a Groupon I purchased ages ago for a lovely little French restaurant on South Beach called Otentic. It was a wonderful experience and not at all overpriced, given the portions and quality. The b-chan and I had onion soup in giant white bowls, shared the Farmhouse Platter (which took up most of our tiny table space), and split a Creme Brulee (with Amelie style cracking action). I was in French paradise. Reality promptly bit me in the bum when I reached my car and found a parking ticket because my meter had run out of time. Metered parking lots hate me and I hate them in turn.

Also went to see Thor. Boyfriend is officially giant geek, but he is mine and I will own up to his geek status. Best I can say is that I laughed in all the wrong places and went a bit giggly when “The Abs” (as I shall call them) made their first appearance. It may not be the best movie, but given the alternatives, it’s not the worst. Overall, the land of the gods looked like a Sci-fi illustrator’s dreamland.

I have decided that my objective in life will be to talk like a Brit and dress with French flair. 😀 ha!

A Great Start

Last night, I watched PBS’s “A Breakfast Special” and it got me thinking about the most memorable breakfasts I’ve had. I LOVE breakfast, but I don’t really have a proper, full breakfast very often. My breakfasts typically involve a small bowl of almond milk and cereal with a side of jammy toast. Usually, full breakfasts are tied to special occasions in my home—birthdays and holidays, but especially my mom’s special Christmas breakfast with the works. Sometimes I’ll bake something up for breakfast and serve it with coffee. For the most part, I stick to the same tried and true breakfast/brunch places. These include South Miami’s Sunset Tavern & Deli Lane, where they have some of the best grits I’ve ever had and the ever delectable “Challah Egg Melt”. It’s a understated, relaxing place to have a fresh-air brunch on a Sunday. John Martin’s is another favorite, lots of fond birthday and lazy Sunday memories there. They make a great full Irish breakfast, and a mean Eggs Benedict and French toast croissant.

Then there’s the Indigo at the Riverside Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, where the brunch menu always changes and they bring your latte with a swizzle stick.

I also have some great memories of croissants at the Vie de France Bakery on Main Street in Miami Lakes, short stacks at the IHOP by the airport, and pancakes at the now dearly departed Joffrey’s. Most of these memories are associated with good company as much as great food… I think a great breakfast companion can make an Egg McMuffin seem like the most memorable breakfast. The last “best” breakfast I had was a short stack and eggs at the Original Pancake House in Doral on a lazy Saturday after an unsuccessful antiquing trip to the flea market. Delicious.