5 things: fall edition

5 things: fall edition
When I think of fall, I think of autumn hues and new things to write. Of course, Fall means NaNoWriMo and all things writing. I’m still debating whether that will mean a new story or a rebellious revision, but the season of the pen is among us!
Bold red lips (or very pale nudes) are also a big fall factor for me, as well as mustard-colored everything (starting with a brand new cardigan… because, hello, librarian here). A new notebook and some new scents round off my musts, and while pumpkin is the scent du jour for most this season, I find that ikea vanilla candles always send me to my happy place.

september the 1st

I don’t care if it still feels like the tail-end of summer, there’s a breeze (hurricane winds, more like) and the heat isn’t at an epic high, so it’s time for FALL! And that means all the fall things I love are coming out of the closet (and the drawers)! I am going to cozy it up and revel in plummy red lips. I’m already on the hunt for some Fall and Halloween ideas for the library… there’s something about the summer months that makes me feel lethargic and uninterested (probably also the fact that there are barely any students on campus). September is making me feel the thrill of displays and library events all over again. I’m already scoping out the Day of the Dead decorations at Michael’s because I have a plant, and it is brilliant. (My people know to fear these plans)