Fanlisting Update

After what seems an eternity, I finally changed the layout of the Jareth Fanlisting. As the first fanlisting that I created (back in the days when the Fanlistings were just starting and Janine was running the show), this is the one that I’ve never wanted to give up… but I have been quite negligent in my maintenance. I’ve become a terrible fanlisting owner during the last few years, but real life really does put a damper on webplay and fandom.

Anywho, it’s a simple design. I’m just getting back to basics for a bit. The header needs work, but it’ll do.

If you’re a Jareth or Labyrinth fan, go get listed!


I put the Whipped Cream fanlisting up for adoption during “The Great Fanlisting Adopt-Out of ’06”. It was one of my favorites, but it received more joins than I could handle at the time, so I let it go. However, a couple of weeks ago I received an email from Jessica, asking if I would care to have it back, as she was no longer able to care for it. So I did… and here it is:

Delightful: The Whipped Cream Fanlisting

I’m using Enthusiast for this one (because that’s what Jessica used), but I’ll probably be converting it to Bellabuffs as soon as work slows down. Enthusiast may be convenient, but Bellabuffs is so nicely organized and user-friendly.

Most Noble

When I decided to go on hiatus a couple of years ago, I adopted out all of my fanlistings except the Jareth Fanlisting. I assumed that I would be contacted if one of the new owners decided to shut down the listing that they had adopted. Well, the person that adopted the Black Family Tree Fanlisting didn’t, but I was lucky enough to find out that it was open for application 🙂 .

Black as Pitch – The Black Family Tree Tapestry Fanlisting is now finished and open for joining!