off the shelf: Newt’s Emerald

I love Garth Nix and I love a little magic with my Regencies; when I discovered that Garth Nix had done just that, I knew I had to read it. Newt’s Emerald is just the right balance of historical fantasy and fun YA. Perfect for summer reading.

a tall order

I am in the mood for a good fantasy novel, but I have a few requirements that are making the search a bit difficult.

I want:

  • a strong female protagonist
  • a magical element featuring Fae/Sidhe, but not vampires/werewolves. I am not looking for another Twilight
  • High fantasy or urban dark fantasy
  • a love story is fine but I do not want a romance novel
  • general fantasy fiction or YA

I’m thinking something similar to Holly Black’s Tithe or the kind of strong female characters found in Robin McKinley and Tamora Pierce’s novels.

I will gladly take all recommendations 🙂