In which Ebay saves the day

I love ebay 🙂 . My red-orange glasses broke last night… I still don’t know how it happened. I laid them aside and took a nap, and when I woke up, they were twisted and the leg snapped off. It’s a mystery. When I took them in to Lenscrafters this morning, they told me that the damage couldn’t be repaired, and there were no replacement frames because the line was too old. Sad news. I love my glasses and it’s the first pair I’ve broken. Ever. And I’ve worn glasses since I was 5. But with a little internet sleuthing, I found a new pair of frames on ebay! The exact same ones! And they cost less than buying a new back-up pair. I love my red DKNYs, but my red-orange Ray Bans are my favorites.