the terrible mid-point

My hair has reached a length that I like to think of as the mad-girl hair look–somewhere between a shag and a bob, though not quite long or short enough to be either. Sigh.

growing out the pixie

It’s the worst part of the growing out a pixie experience, and one that has been extended by some poorly executed trims to manage the mullet tendency. I’m itching to trim it, but know it will only lead to more madness two months down, so I’m exercising restraint and taming it with not-so-strategically placed bobbies and hair clips. These can only go so far in taming the weird mane-like halo that I have going on at times (especially when the humidity soars and my ends with it).

I’m also rocking the half grown-out bangs look, in which my bangs are not quite long enough to tuck behind my ears, but are too long to be anything but a nuisance. I just want it to grow out already! gah! My hair is at its worse and completely unmanageable unless it’s past a certain length, at which point gravity takes over and turns it into a mostly straight sheet of dull brown, but a (generally) manageable sheet of dull brown.

much ado about nothing… hair edition

I have terrible, awkward, in-between hair. It’s not quite chin-length and it’s not quite shoulder-length. However, I have committed to doing something that I know will come to haunt me during the summer months… I am letting my hair grow. Yes, ladies and gents, I have solemnly sworn (or more like semi-lucidly promised) to let my hair grow out. The last time I did this, I was 21-ish and full of long-haired, Princess Leia fantasies. It reached mid-back before I went pixie. I guess my resolution is to stay away from pretty pictures of girls with pixie cuts and other inspiring short-haired images. I am going to stick to this! Tomorrow, I am having it trimmed and styled into something that will grow out with less awkwardness than the mop I am currently sporting. I can do it! I just need people to stop telling my how great I look with short hair! It doesn’t help! It’s like telling an alcoholic how much more fun they were when they were off the wagon.