video: February bullet journal!

Another month, another bujo spread! 🙂

My spreads keep changing, but that’s what I love about this method—the ease and adaptability. Take a peek inside my February spread, along with some reflections on last month’s spread, and an intro to my new day log (who am I kidding? It’s a diary. Long story, but one that I hope to share soon).

Keep an eye out for the promised closet tour next Friday.

life: 2016 recap, life changes

The time has come for yearly recaps!

I already went over the good things that happened this year (let’s not speak of the bad again), but today I wanted to talk about the changes I’ve made; these include health, life, and wellness in general, but also little changes, like taking the time to play with the cats every night, or just learning to enjoy the moment.

This year, I completed 3 Whole30s (I’m in reintroduction mode right now). I’ve never followed a health plan, and I have my doubts about some of the methods out there, but the Whole30 just made sense at a time when I was feeling adrift with my health (see my original post, video, and initial reintro). I love the program. It works for me and it helps me reset when I’m not feeling my best. I am currently reading Melissa Hartwig’s Food Freedom Forever and it just makes me feel all kinds of YES!

I started journaling on a regular basis (stay tuned for a journaling update this Friday). Just taking the time to reflect on my day has improved my mental state when dealing with stress (and there has been a lot of that this year).

I dove head-first into minimalism as a serious lifestyle goal. I became intrigued by the idea of the KonMari method when looking to help my mom with her own excess, but I fell in love with the idea of a light, joyful lifestyle that relies on conscious consumerism and intentional living.

These are the big ones, and I look forward to sharing my progress into the new year.

bullet journal-2 weeks and counting

So I started my bullet journal at the beginning of September, mostly because I think I’m going to let my medium kikki k. planner go in favor of the bullet journal and I want to get a feel for my preferred layouts before January rolls around and I’m going mad with planning. I’m currently experimenting with three different layouts, but I’m already leaning towards the one page spread with a blank page for notes. I’m also enjoying the at-a-glance monthly goals and to-do page that I created for September, and already set one up for October. My only concern with giving up my traditional planner is that sometimes I need to schedule things months in advance, and I’m not planning on designing months worth of pages in advance, so… I’m probably going to switch to my small kikki k. as a backup for work scheduling.

Now, some may be asking why I bother with all this paper planning mess and don’t just use google calendar or outlook? The answer is I do and I have a bad habit of never looking at it. I much prefer to write things down and see it all in my own handwriting.

Here’s the current state of affairs.

Month at a glance.

 photo 61C34F99-9E09-40D2-A1A1-BBBB8EE78408_zpsqrjmwhma.jpg

Two week spread (current).

 photo 64946129-4855-4225-98A1-B1283E694BB8_zps2qepdfof.jpg

October month-at-a-glance (in which I invested in some stamps).

 photo 8701C5D2-4A38-4886-B238-BDC835B9CD95_zpsx1xa57yg.jpg

One week spread, with notes underneath.

 photo CE912D65-984D-4195-B075-CC46361B621D_zpszv5mj1dw.jpg

One week spread with separate notes page.

 photo 0C6E991D-456E-4F4B-918B-3EE53E24A317_zps08o7u7km.jpg

The last one is probably going to be my primary layout for weekly planning.

How do you keep track of things? Do you prefer paper or electronic planning? 

vlog: what’s on the menu… of life

Who’s ready for fall? I know I am. I’m already “transitioning” my wardrobe away from my summer look, which means more chances to de-clutter and get rid of stuff I didn’t use. I’m going to be focusing on a “minimalism” series this month, so if you have any suggestions, do drop them in the comments. Also going to be working on my “action plan” for editing and debating whether or not to take a break to work on something new in between rounds.

Check out the video. Subscribe. Comment. And don’t miss the kitty cat action in the background.

And, in case you missed it, I just started my first bullet journal and have the month of September all laid out and ready to plan.


It’s going to be a busy one.

[REVIEW] sparking joy – a journal

I am a huge KonMari fan. I’m generally good at keeping things in order, but I have a terrible fear of becoming a hoarder (re: my mother, to a certain extent), so anything that keeps me in check is a good thing. Plus: the folding. The folding is epic.

So when I saw a copy of the new KonMari journal up for review on Blogging for Books, I knew I wanted one. I imagined it to be a logbook/workbook to complement The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up; however, what I discovered was a three year journal to record moments that spark joy. Not what I expected, but definitely something I will enjoy. I journal on a semi-regular basis, but my journal is more a record of triumphs and tragedies than everyday joys. I’m going to challenge myself to stick to it and jot down a little note everyday, even if it’s not a particularly significant event.


The journal itself is hardbound with a cover that resembles the original KonMari text. It is a perpetual diary style, so the writer can enter the year as time progresses. The pages are nice and thick, and while I haven’t written in it yet, I don’t foresee any bleed-through. Quotes from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up are scattered throughout to provide inspiration. Overall, a great little gift idea for anyone who is new to journaling or looking to become more mindful.