my response to the rockstar librarian hubbub

There has been a lot of talk in the lib-webs regarding the general state of librarian “rockstarness” and what those of us on the frontlines really do (read the post by @himissjulie that set things off). I too have noticed an unfair, gender-bias when it comes to keynote speakers at events. In a field in which women make up an estimate 86% of the workforce (according to the DPE Fact Sheet 2012), why is it that most of the main speakers at major events are male? At a recent regional conference planning meeting that I attended, only one woman was added to the list of potential speakers. That’s ridiculous. Why are we hearing the same speakers at conference after conference? Admittedly, they present great ideas, but I often find that those ideas only reveal a limited view on librarianship and libraries in general.

I am still breaking out in my role as a librarian, and know I haven’t done enough to promote myself professionally, but I follow dozens of amazing female librarians working in public, academic, and special libraries in any number of roles. These are women who are funny, outspoken, advocates, activists, highly intelligent, and innovative. These are women who produce webinars and tutorials and are active members of their professional communities. Why aren’t they being selected? And don’t give me the “we don’t take a chance on an unknown” bit… just one look at their blogs, twitter feeds, and portfolios. Their presence is there. They have a voice that needs to be heard.


With all the excitement of the last few weeks (events, work stuff, and writing), I completely forgot that July 1st marked my 1st full year as a professional librarian :). Quite a milestone after so many years of school, part-time jobs, and paraprofessional positions. I remember applying for the position and thinking someone else would surely be more qualified than I for the job, regardless of my desire/drive/eagerness to get started as a real librarian. More awkward still, I had applied where I was working… If I wasn’t hired, it would be weird as anything working with the person who was hired. But I did get the job and I was overjoyed and ready to roll.

It’s been a year filled with learning experiences–many of them time-consuming, but all well worth the effort. I’ve gotten to meet some great people, take part in lots of fun events, and become a presence at the library (I even have my own groupies… some would say stalkers). I’ve also become aware of my weaknesses and things I have to work on. For instance, I really do want to get more involved with faculty and more active in my professional organizations, but these are two areas that will require me to get out of my introvert bubble and be social. It’ll be my goal for this year.

I look forward to more anniversaries and ways to grow.

And since I am in narcissistic me-mode, I may as well announce my new portfolio: