My dream Victorian literary studies collection

The extended term project that I’m working on for my Collection Development class requires that I play at being a collection development librarian… I chose to pretend to be a collection development/subject specialist for an academic library’s English collection. If I were really managing such a collection, I would be like a kid in a candy store! There are so many wonderful new publications on Victorian literature (I selected the LC classes on Victorian lit for my development & acquisition action plan), my profs in the ol’ English department would be ecstatic if they could get the uni library to order some of this stuff. Hey, I would be ecstatic if I could get them to order this stuff. I always had a terrible time finding recent publications when writing papers and conducting research šŸ˜¦

any Second Life users? Please comment

Second Life is pretty big in the education sector and they keep hyping it up among librarians. IĀ never saw the appeal in the program, but IĀ decided to give it a try for a communications assignment that IĀ have to complete.

I hate it. I have no patience when it comes to flying or my avatar’s crab-crawl walk. I find that the educational uses all seem good on paper, but I wouldn’t want to have to use this thing to take a class.

However, a lot of the people in the class that I’m taking think that we “millenials” are only capable of learning online. We’re “always” on the interwebs, we must want to learn using these mediums.

My question is: Do any of you currently use Second Life? Or haveĀ  you used it in the past? Would you use this for an extended period of time to learn, or is it just a glorified chat room?

Opinions, comments, rants are much appreciated.

class simplified

My textbooks have arrived, meaning that my return to grad school is becoming all the more real. Sometimes I wonder why I decided to do this all over again.

I do, however, have to return one of the books… I was worried I would not be prepared for my entry into one of the mighty Social Sciences (ooh ahh, practical applications), so I ordered all the books on the course list, including the ones that were merely “Recommended”. The result–I received a book on how to create webpages using html. It has a cartoon memory chip that guides you through the process. On EVERY PAGE. How to write a link? Little Cartoon Memory guy can show you how!

‘least I’ll get $25 back šŸ™‚ . Next semester, I won’t panic and buy everything on the off-chance that it might prove useful.