getting there

Just managing to stay positive during this whole ordeal. Mostly trying to keep my mom from feeling too down, so I have to be the voice of reason more often than not. Bchan has been wonderful and I hope he knows it (yes, I know you’re there lurker boy). Not sure how I would’ve pulled through this weekend if he hadn’t been there to cheer me up and distract me.

slice of life

Waiting rooms are interesting places. Complete strangers are forced to sit in a room together until they are called upon. It seems all waiting rooms are the same, regardless of the service. There is the usual setup–couches or chairs, coffee or some sort of vending machine, old magazines, and televisions set to the news or bad daytime dramas. Some people will randomly start a conversation, suddenly united in their effort to break the monotony, while others will find something to do. I am a find something to do sort of girl and will usually tote a book or something to write on. Others, however, will come up with much more clever things to keep them busy… like set up a date. Yes, a date. How? Why? I don’t know, but I this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone set up a date in a waiting room just to have something to do. And in a car repair shop waiting room of all places. There I was, waiting for my car to come out and allow me to return to civilization, when the girl next to me receives a call and waves a guy into the room. In a room no larger than the average sitting room, you can’t help but overhear another’s conversation, and they weren’t being the least bit soft-spoken. There they were, getting to know each other and chatting about their like, dislikes, careers, etc… for all the world as if they were meeting for a proper date. And during the guy’s lunch break, no less. It was an incredibly odd thing, though I’m not sure what it says about either of them if they squeeze a date in during such a random hour. I was very amused. Wonder if there will be a date #2 for them? Perhaps in another waiting room?

computer fatigue

There are some days when I spend so much time in front of a computer that the last thing I want to do is bother turning on my laptop. It’s a negative sort of situation, because while I am all for getting away from the computer and experiencing non-digital moments, I am a writer… I need to get on this thing and write! I especially need to get the last of my papers out of the way so that I can have some real writing time and not writing-on-someone-else’s-deadline writing time. Ugh. Need a power nap. And a cappuccino.

the time has come to talk of many things

My birthday is on Monday, and I’ve been thinking of all the changes and things I’ve experienced during this past year. Therefore, I decided to compile a list of my accomplishments… because it is the sort of thing that I do.


  • I upgraded my career by moving from a part time library assistant job at one university to become a full time Circulation supervisor at another university. v.g.
  • Even better, I applied for a full time professional position with my current institution and was accepted for the position. I officially start on July 1st. 🙂
  • I just took my comps exam and am only 5 weeks away from graduation. Will soon be able to add more letters after my name.
  • I have conducted three information literacy sessions, and actually had students come in to see me for more information the day after (!!!).
  • I learned all kinds of things about cataloging. (My personal best was entering 400 records in a day).
  • I took on and completed 2 freelance gigs. One involving graphic design; the other, writing.
  • I’ve become much more active on the social web. (har har, library speak for I’m all over the internets)
  • I actually used my power as a notary to do some good.
  • I’ve become much more open with students and colleagues.
  • I’ve updated my CV and have started looking into publishing some articles in future.


  • I drove almost all the way to Orlando in a rented car! And I planned the trip on my own! (mostly)
  • I got myself a new laptop and made an effort to go green by buying a refurb and recycling my old desktop.
  • I have read around 80 books in the last year. Although, the count is probably higher if I include all my school readings.
  • I made a hair mistake by getting highlights and then remembering that I never liked highlights in the first place. Promptly, cut it and tried to blend it in. Am back to brunette now.
  • I eliminated old debts and learned to manage my cash.
  • I started working out more and discovered that I really enjoy Pilates, yoga, and cardio workouts. Also, realized my knees really can’t take a lot of running. 😦
  • Had a couple of health scares but am relatively normal now.
  • Found a tentative balance between work, school, and personal time. Will soon have to adjust to a new schedule and find a way to fit in some writing time.
  • Redesigned my blog twice.
  • Had some excellent meals and enjoyed the benefits of my Groupon addiction.
  • Have helped all manner of creatures great and small.

A monumental sort of moment… kind of

After 3 very long years, I am finally debt “free”. Hospital bills and credit cards have been taken care of, and I’ve learned how to steer clear of purchases I can’t pay off in one go. Though, to be honest, most of the charges were cafe and coffee orders made during my first stint in grad school. I learned the hard way, but those little $4 charges really do add up and interest will rear its head in a terrible way. What a relief to finally see a $0 balance.

I have to enjoy the feeling while it lasts… my student loans will appear in about 9 months, but that’s worthwhile debt, I suppose.

First week

My first week at the new job seemed to go really well… at least for me. I am still getting used to the earlier wake up hour–I was spoiled by my midday schedule, but it’s not bad and it feels good to get things done earlier, though I’m still figuring out how to balance full time work, school, and personal endeavors. Sadly, this has meant less time for some of the things I like to do, such as reading, writing, and blogging. Partly, this is because it’s also nearing the end of term and all my major projects are coming at me at once. Perhaps things will settle down a bit once the term is done. I’m definitely looking forward to finishing up library school. I love learning, but I’m tired of assignments and tuition costs.

It feels a little strange being a supervisor, but I’m starting to settle into it and am coming up with projects and ideas to set my students to work. I try to let them in on what I’m planning, so that they know that they have a part in the planning as well as the doing. That was one of the things that I really liked about my previous supervisor–he always consulted with us, even if he had the power to just tell us what to do and leave it at that. I’m also trying to connect actions with results, so my students know that there is a purpose behind the tasks that I’m setting. Several mentioned that they felt as if some of the tasks assigned to them in the past were pointless because they couldn’t understand how it served a purpose in the library, so I’m trying to help them understand. I don’t want them to think that I am giving them “busy” work just to give them something to do. I hate doing that kind of work and wouldn’t like to assign it in turn.

Of course, being the new person in the group, I’ve become the puzzle to be cracked. The results are kind of fun. Some have also taken to mentioning who I remind them of… my favorite comments:

1) One student says I remind her of Kat von D… I wonder if it’s the nose?

2) Another says I remind him of Evie from The Mummy… it must be the librarian look.

Oddly, no one said I remind them of Michelle Williams… which is one I’ve been getting since her Dawson’s Creek days.

a series of lasts

It’s been/will be a week of lasts for me. Today was my last visit to the FIU weekly farmer’s market, as it will be unlikely that I will be stopping by the school on a Wednesday from noon to 3 any time soon. Tomorrow will be my last weekday off, as I start at my new job next week and will be working a full Mon-Fri schedule. Saturday will be my last day at the med library, my last day opening up, my last day wearing my COM badge. I’m excited for the possibilities, but I will miss the people I’ve come to know. Today, I had my exit interview, something I’ve never had to do before. I realized how very long I’ve been a part of the university… 8 years. As a student, tutor, adjunct, and library assistant. 8 years is longer than I ever expected to remain in one place, and I never expected to become such a part of the university. It’s almost silly, but I’ve really grown attached to the place. Who knew I had such school spirit? Nothing will ever be quite the same, even if I return someday. But I’m on my way.

It’s been a long day.

Went to work, worked on school stuffs, made a ginormous baked ziti for Em’s farewell, and am now finally catching up on web stuffs (though not quite as much as I’d like to).

I guess I can officially say that I’ve been hired by another library and will be leaving the library I’ve been at for the last year. It’s been a bit of a melancholy but happy transition. I’ll really miss the university I work at–it’s my alma mater and I just seemed to feel a part of the place–but I also really like the university I’m going to… it’s smaller, private, so there’s a greater chance to really get that feeling that you’re more than just another person in the great academic machinery. It’ll also be a shorter commute, better hours, and better pay. It’s terrible, but the pay was definitely an issue with my current job. I loved my job, but I hated that I was barely making ends meet. I really think this new job will make me feel much more at ease in that regard. And there just might some room for growth in the future, something else that I found lacking in my soon-to-be former position.

So what made it so official that I felt the need to share? My job went up on the uni’s HR website today. This time next month, I’ll be in a whole new library with a whole new set of patrons and coworkers. I am looking forward to it, but I still feel all the nervy anxieties that I usually do when I don’t quite know what to expect–a little thrilling and terrifying all at once.

Wishing and hoping for the best…

In which I am a proper citizen

Performed my civic duty today and served my time… jury duty time that is. I am always selected to serve on these things; the first time, it was kind of exciting, now that I have other obligations, etc… not so much. The Judge was quite nice though and she was a female judge, which is always a positive thing in such a male-dominated arena. Oh well… got to finish Changeless while I waited outside the courtroom and had a very well-made latte for my mid-morning snack; however, I have yet to have a cup of tea and it’s already 6pm–it’s an outrage! 😛 Tea forthwith!

On another note–

My BookDrum profile on Robin McKinley’s Beauty was published Sunday evening and I’m a bit fluttery about it. It’s one of my favorites but after spending far too much time reading/writing about/and analyzing it for my thesis, I still feel I can’t quite do it justice. So here is a screengrab of my 15 minutes (for posterity)

I was at a loss as to which picture to send when they emailed me for an image, so my night at the opera one had to do.