replenishing the royal army

Since when are condoms kept under lock and key? I rarely blog about my sex life, but I just have to know if this phenomenon is a new thing as I have never encountered it until today.

I went to CVS with my bf to buy a new pack only to find that the entire “Family Planning” section of the aisle was behind a locked glass case with a Staples easy-button-esque Call for Service button hovering above the glass. This glaring red button is not a discreet button. Oh no. It calls for service on the loudspeaker, interrupting whatever lite track is on at the moment and requesting that one of the employees make their way to the Family Planning aisle. It is also a bilingual button. The English message is promptly followed with a request in Spanish.

I found it utterly hilarious, but it was still a little weird. I really wonder if they just have a lot of condom thieves? Is there a purpose behind the lock and key other than to see how people react to the awkward button pressing moment? Is this local? Is it because I live in a largely Hispanic community that there is this odd watch on the condom buying? Or is CVS just toying with us?


Sundays at Work

Tutoring on a Sunday has to be the one of the slowest jobs ever. Students barely come in during the week, I don’t know why we even bother offering services on Sundays. I am breaking about 5 center rules right now in an effort to keep myself from succumbing to sleep.

I am commiting the following crimes:

  • listening to music (oh noes!)
  • having a snack (double noes!)
  • wasting time on Gawker (only to be topped by wasting time on YouTube)
  • checking Facebook (only slightly less illegal than YouTube)
  • Texting/IMing (it is the end of order as we know it!)

Yes, I am behaving very badly and setting a terrible example for the young’uns.

I am certain blogging would be against the rules as well, if the head one were familiar with the concept.

I should have brought something to work on 😦

almost almost

The house is almost our own once more. It’s been a crazy hectic week, not least because of the northern invaders. My mom has been in hospital since before their arrival, so I’ve had to act the gracious hostess alongside my grandmum. It’s been an experience. One that I don’t care to repeat. Especially as I have not been able to have a decent night’s sleep since they arrived.

I think Didy is just as eager for our guests to leave. Here he is waiting for them to pack up their luggage.

kitty says go home please
kitty says go home please

starting the year with a bang

It’s been a surprising week of change for me, so much so that I think I threw a few people’s expectations out of line when I gave them the news. I found a relationship where I wasn’t really looking, quit my teaching job to focus on finding myself a “real” job (ie. decent pay, normal hours), and finally started working on those statements and applications for the LIS programs that I looked into a while back. Seems like I’m going in a new direction and things are finally starting to come together in some semblance of order. Won’t get too cocky, but I think I’m going to make things work.

alive and kicking

This has been quite a week… Classes started, so it was back to the stress of driving, planning, teaching (in that order… unless you know Miami traffic, you do not know how stressful it can truly be). Sometimes I think I took on more than I can actually manage this semester, but I’m persistent… I’ll make it work.

I also just realized what 92 pages worth of writing looks like–my thesis took on a life of its own at some point, this is much more than I ever planned to write.

mishaps abound

I’ve had two days filled with mishaps and all sorts of would-be-funny-if-it-weren’t-happening-to-me moments. I take my own meals to school (now work) to avoid the lines and the expense. This usually works well, I need to have something on hand because all the food places on campus are a  30 minute walk away from where I am located, and I don’t have a real break, so I need to take advantage of any lulls. Yesterday, I was doing just that, so I went to the kitchen to heat up my dinner… and I dropped it. Not a drop could be saved.

So that was mishap #1. Mishap #2 occurred this afternoon and it was awful.

Before leaving for work, I noticed that a storm was brewing. I assumed I was heading away from the storm, but I was really heading right into it. In fact, the worst of it seemed to be located right where I was going. I could see all the lightning and I started doing that counting thing (you know, the one where you count the seconds between the spark and the sound to determine the distance of the storm). There was no pause between strikes, I was right in the middle of it. I was just trying to beat it, hoping to get into the Center before it strengthened. No such luck. I was trapped in my car for 20 minutes, near panicking with the lightning and the rain and the gales that kept shaking my terribly shaky little car, until I decided to risk it and make a dash across the parking lot. And landed in calf-high water when I stepped out. I was soaked. Wet wet wet. Soggy shoes, socks, and pants (not to mention the parts of me that my miniscule umbrella was unable to cover while I waded through the lake that was the parking lot). I was saved because the office was warm today. Wet and freezing would have been too much. I am sure I looked quite comical splashing and yelling (there were a number of “bloody hells” and perhaps a few “arrs” — I channel britcoms and pirate movies when peeved), but I was too wet to find the humor in it.