on street vendors in the summertime

One of the more interesting (unusual?) aspects of living in the city that shall remain nameless are the fruit vendors that you encounter on street corners and parading down busy streets during the rush hour gridlock. It’s not actually a Miami-wide phenomenon; I have actually had friends from other parts of Miami drive by and wonder at the sight of a fruit/flower/churro/peanut vendor walking past their car. It’s a different form of local industry–not quite a farmer’s market, but close enough. Usually, you find lemons and oranges from $1-5 a bag, maybe some avocadoes. But come summertime, it’s watermelon season! And these are usually the best watermelons, sold off the back of some pickup on the side of the road. Unlike the dry, whitish, over-priced melons at the local grocery chain, these tend to be fresh and juicy, and probably from the local farms in the Redlands.

Yay! for local produce and delicious red melony goodness 🙂