and breathe

My terrible math skills managed to pass muster after all. I was starting to fear all sorts of doom and gloom seeing the empty space where my grade for the budgeting assignment should be. I expected to receive an email telling me that my budget was totally incomprehensible and I should just quit now and be done. I guess I underestimated myself–the budget was understandable and easy to follow, or so I am told. Thank you Excel.

you carry the… what?

Oh my, I am just bloody bad at math. I think I just created a kamikaze budget for the figure out this budget based on these numbers assignment in my library admin. class. I haven’t tried to work with so many numbers since the early days of my freshman year. I barely made it through the math portion of the GRE a few years ago, and I haven’t had a proper math teacher since 10th grade. Honestly,this budget is doomed to failure. I’m hoping the grade is based on my analysis of the case, not my poor adding skills.

Let’s not even talk about my trying to calculate percentages 😦