video: writing update, readthrough and NaNoPrep

It’s been a rough year, which really shows in my writing. I had a hard time focusing—-life, work, health, it all came together to result in a convoluted mess of a draft full of gaping holes. I was brutal in my cuts during the last revision, and what I thought was the right choice, led to a weak plot that really lacks punch. But I couldn’t see it until now. The readthrough was painful, but I received some solid feedback from two of my betas (thank you for being my victims) and had a major breakthrough. I’m in for a hell of a lot of rewriting (and new writing) but I know where things went wrong and I know how to fix it (fingers crossed), which is a very good thing.

Here’s to another round as a NaNo rebel. No real word goals, just a purpose: rewrite, revise, redraft.

getting back to normal

Slowly getting over my first (and, hopefully, only) cold of the season. It was sudden and so vicious, I nearly convinced myself it was the flu. Luckily, my fever never reached flu-levels, but I was beyond tired and achy for days. I finally started to feel better on Monday evening and slept through the night without need for cold medicine. Was a little worn after work today, but I think I’ll be back to usual by the end of the week.

On the bright side, I figured out how to wrap up my NaNo outline (call it a fever dream), and finally got around to reading Holly Black’s The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, which was an unexpected treat (and a wonder that I didn’t read it earlier). Perfect for the season and just the right twist to the usual vampire YA.