Weather Wonder

I got rid of the TV in my bedroom when they made the switch to DTV last year. This means I have much more time to read before bed/when I wake up, spend online, and generally waste in various other non-TV related ways. It also means I have no idea what is happening locally. In some ways, this is not a bad thing. It means a lot less bad news. However, it also means I have no idea what is happening weather-wise. Now, local weather is spotty at best, but it is generally good to know when a storm is headed your way. Overhearing a rather loud conversation at the next table while sipping tea at Starbucks is not the best way to learn that there is a Tropical Storm/Flood Warning o’ Doom for your area. No wonder there has been so much bad weather lately. It’s all news to me. I really must start keeping up with things.