writing: recapping a 6-year writing “journey” [with interruptions!]

I started making videos to document my writing journey, but it soon turned into a creative outlet all its own. Still, I like to pop in every now and then to share my progress. With November nearing an end, it feels like the right time to look back on the “journey”: from my very first NaNo (2012) to today.


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life: February updates and March goals

It’s been a month. Seriously.

So my Whole30 was an epic failure, but that’s ok. I realized half-way that it just wasn’t the right time. I wasn’t in the right mindset, and mindset is a HUGE part of that program. I will try again, but not right now. I’m just going to focus on eliminating the foods that make me feel sluggish, sick, or throw off my digestion. Focusing on health and feeling good, rather than restriction or program rules.

Yoga happened. Not every day, but it happened. Walking, not so much. There were migraines. Lots of them, and stretching and relaxing was my main priority.

On the upside, I finished my edits for the month! With time to spare! Yay!

Edit wordcount: 13531.

I call that a good run, so I decided to film an update video to pat myself on the back. Check it out 🙂

Goals for March:

  • Finish the draft! Do it!
  • Prepare for April NaNo experiment
  • Try to complete 30 Days of Yoga Camp, because I really enjoyed that series and feel ready for a repeat.

the view from Sunday: realizations and next steps

 photo AE2A7A80-213D-4C80-9592-09856562E5A6_zpsbtgw95ww.jpg

It’s a cold, wet, gloomy Sunday (cue Billie Holiday). Winter seems to have arrived (or what passes as winter in Miami), which means I want nothing more than to cuddle up with a book and a fresh cup of tea. No such luck.

This morning, in that lovely space between sleep and waking, I realized something that seemed so obvious, I’m a little ashamed I didn’t notice before. In the middle of what I thought were the easy chapters (quick revisions rather than full-on rewrites), I now see a glaring issue in the order of events that will require a complete overhaul of nearly 4 chapters. Luckily, they’re chapters I was planning to work on during February, but this will mean some serious attention to detail, and a much longer process than I thought. Nevertheless, what’s the point of revision if not to catch things like this? After all, no one is waiting on these revisions but me. I’m only accountable to myself, and I’m won’t skimp on editing for the sake of meeting a self-imposed deadline. Who knows? Maybe I’ll meet it after all.

January by the numbers:

  • Chapters revised: 4
  • Wordcount (new and rewritten): 12,492 (I started tracking. It keeps me grounded.)
  • 1 chapter in progress, 3 to be reviewed and outlined

autumn breezes and October words

And another month begins and finally there is a slight dip in the temperature (a very slight dip). I’m a little less than halfway through the manuscript read-through, which means that my NaNo plans will likely involve another rebellion rather than a new project. I’ve been kicking it old school with pen and paper (and post-its and note cards), so the going is slow and messy, but much more effective than trying to scroll through files every time I need to refer to an earlier chapter or scene. It’s double the work, but paper-based editing helps me make better sense of chapter length and flow, whereas editing on the computer just encourages me to add words that may not be necessary. I’m much more brutal when it comes to slashing scenes on paper.

Nevertheless, I kind of dread the moment when I’ll have to apply all the change, cuts, and rewrites, but it almost amounts to a second round of editing so I’ll think of the bright side–it’s like a two for one editing deal! If I finish this round by Christmas, I’m rewarding myself with something good. Maybe makeup. Or this necklace.

I’m really looking forward to the holidays. It’s kind of shocking to think that at this time last year, I started the application process for my new job and now I’ve been here for almost 5 months! I think I’ve earned a rest after the stress, planning, and changes that came with adjusting to a new environment, culture, and schedule. Winter break, I need you.

But first… Halloween! I have no idea what I’ll be doing this year, but the older I get, the more I enjoy playing with costumes. Maybe it’s the overgrown child inside me that makes it so.

Here’s to pumpkins, costumes, and other October festivities.