the view from Sunday: a time to plant

Today was a day for gardening (among other chores).
You will note that the pot on the right reads “sweet mint”… it is not. I intended to buy sweet mint, and somehow came home with two lemon balms. Oh well. There will be lots of tea.


I also did some replanting…
Repotted my jade plant (hoping it will continue to thrive), and spread some of the succulents around. It’s a riot of green!


And repotted my baby jades. These survived the mite infestation that killed their mother plant. I have neighbors with nasty plants 😦


the view from Sunday: naps with cats

I didn’t realize how tired I was until I passed out between the cats. What started as a quick nap, turned into a two-hour, dead-to-the-world snooze in full pretzel mode. The cats do not know how to share the wealth, the bed is theirs between the hours of 9-5 and they know it. So with my head wedged between my arm and Cat #1’s rear, I slept.

Which means no writing , no yoga, no walking, no cleaning, no nothing. Well, that’s not strictly true, I did do my groceries this morning, before the rest of the world was out and about on a Sunday. So that’s one thing off my list.

Yesterday, I woke up tired, but I dragged myself out of bed and kept going under the influence of tea and coffee. Today, it wasn’t happening. I’ll take it as a sign and rest. The writing will wait ’til tomorrow (I’m taking the day off for a doctor’s appointment), and the yoga will be sweet and easy.

 photo 95C933C0-9924-4B1F-9207-388813B4CF10_zpsgzgxpti6.jpg

the view from Sunday: plant life

I posted a plant “tour” a few months after I moved into my apartment, and have been meaning to do an update ever since. Some of the plants have relocated, and I recently lost the original jade plant to spider mites, but the others are thriving, happy trees (or so I call them). I may redo this as a video, but today is a bad joint pain day, and I’m just not feeling perky enough for all that.

There’s also a storm brewing, so lighting is just no good.

 photo P1030137_zpsccnljqqz.jpg

 photo P1030139_zps7lkx5l9r.jpg

 photo P1030141_zpszobkglsw.jpg

 photo P1030142_zps9zoqjtiq.jpg

the view from Sunday: this is how my garden grows

Spring has sprung! And, with it, my greenery! The rains during the last summer and fall seasons nearly drowned my succulents and killed off a good number of them. Only the tiniest of buds remained and my expectations were pretty low for their return. I bought some new pots, changed their location, and took my jade plant in (it’s still in recovery), but it wasn’t until a little over a month ago that they started coming back to life… and, boy, have they ever. I’m hopeful that the changes I made will help them survive the summer rains. *fingers crossed*

I’ve harvested my basil twice since January, and look forward to more pesto in future. That amaryllis finally returned as well; it had a single leaf for over a year. Jade rescues in the center; plus little jadelets, should the parent plants die.

My mother’s offerings… I told her I have no more space for indoor plants, but she keeps bringing them. Money tree and another breed of succulent.

Periwinkle and Vinca, because I’m a proper Cuban girl and know how to make magic with plants.

My prize. She’s a survivor. My mom received the original hen back in the ‘70s.

The Christmas cactus… pushing through for next Christmas. Also inherited from my mother’s garden.

And the butterfly ginger, which is loving its new home under the drain. Needs lots of water, shade, and a happy breeze to keep the leaves from toasting in the heat. The flowers smell like jasmine.

Happy Sunday!