idylls of grad school

The more papers, theses, and dissertations I review, the more I find myself yearning for the kind of theoretical literary intellectual wank-fest I used to engage in when I was in grad school. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss the deadlines or the stress of term paper time, but I do miss those group discussions when everyone bounced ideas around in class/behind the library/or around a cafe table. I miss deep, often pointless intellectual conversations where we all think we’re onto something truly original and inspired. And I miss theory. Good lord do I miss being able to think in theoretical terms and write up complex gobbledygook that makes me sound brilliant (or slightly mad). I also miss having heated debates on women’s issues and feminism. It’s been too long since I’ve been in an environment with women (or men for that matter) interested in discussing gender and society, whether literary or real, with some level of understanding. I love working with students, but sometimes I just crave a good conversation with someone like-minded and, let’s admit it, grown-up. Maybe I just miss adult conversation that does not involve work or relationships, that isn’t weighed down by the need to explain what I mean. Someone slap me with some information!

things that cheer me up

Still feeling aches and pains, but managing to not freak out quite so much when I feel a twinge. Winter Break will = recovery time this year (now that my travel plans are bust). Mostly just looking forward to some reading and writing time, and a few outings.

In the meantime, I cheer myself up with a few silly things…

Like wearing colorful tights, as pants are still out of the question.

Playing with the lucky cats and my new Chihiro (an early present from the bchan).

And pestering Didymus for a photo-op.

slow as a snail

But getting better every day.

Started taking a turn about the parking lot in the evenings and finally went on my first trip to the shops since the surgery. I was completely worn out after what probably amounted to a half hour trip to the grocery store. Still get winded after doing too much, but I need to feel active… I’m tired of sitting around all day and need to get up and about. I have a follow-up visit scheduled for tomorrow, so I’ll soon know how much longer I’ll have to stay in recovery mode. I can’t see myself driving for a few days yet, especially since I can’t even pull the car door closed without assistance, but I would like to start doing something soon.

My bellybutton is a hideous shade of raisin, but it is looking much more like its old self. Also, the pokes in my side itch like mad, so that’s a good sign.

Thus far, I’ve managed to keep myself busy by reading, watching terrible tv (what happened to afternoon cartoons?!), pinning things on pinterest, and helping my mom prepare the holiday crafts for her students. And napping. I feel like a toddler, but I just can’t seem to shake the need to sleep during the day.

I also get to watch the outdoor kitties doing terribly naughty things

A Crook up a Tree

another day

Feel I have accomplished an awful lot today and it’s not even dinnertime yet! Well, not really accomplished anything major, just small steps. I even managed to put up my very tiny tree atop what is slowly becoming The Bookshelf o’ Christmas Cheer (!)… though it looks more like The Bookshelf of Seasonal Confusion at the moment. Needs more tinsel. Also need to find a good piece of cardboard to fashion a snowy wreath for our door.


v.g. time last night

Spent weekend re-reading Bridget Jones’s Diary and so will write post in manner of Bridget.

alcohol units: 3(ish), cigarettes: dozens (all secondhand as don’t smoke), calories consumed: thousands, though all in name of good time and mostly mixed drink derived

Hurrah for pre-graduation outing and fab friends! Was all mellow and free as a free thing without a care in the world as had just submitted grades and could not  be bothered to worry about work, or lack thereof. Enjoyed self immensely and had lovely time.

Spent night at E’s, as was too tipsy to drive home but realized too late that light packing was far too light – other than nightie, forgot to include all other necessary bits (ie. toothbrush/paste, change of clothes for morn, etc.). But such incidents are likely to happen when one compares self to Bridget.

Speaking of which, noticed that Bridget is now more relevant to self than ever as impending spinsterhood panic is more likely in mid-20s than teens. Also, having distant relatives ringing up and asking about lack of smug couple-dom whilst reading Bridget is far too ironic.

berries and sillies

berries 1Though I like the look of strawberries, I’m not much of a fan of the actual fruit. Mostly because I tend to have very bad luck when it comes to picking strawberries, so I usually end up with a really sour batch. Not so, today! These may be the best strawberries I have ever had (which makes me wonder just how modified they may be… best not think about that).

And onto other silly things… Didymus has found a new bed. My grandmother’s nightgown. He attacks anyone who dares take it away from him, but he behaved very nicely while I photographed him… He’s a bit of a cam tart.