september the 1st

I don’t care if it still feels like the tail-end of summer, there’s a breeze (hurricane winds, more like) and the heat isn’t at an epic high, so it’s time for FALL! And that means all the fall things I love are coming out of the closet (and the drawers)! I am going to cozy it up and revel in plummy red lips. I’m already on the hunt for some Fall and Halloween ideas for the library… there’s something about the summer months that makes me feel lethargic and uninterested (probably also the fact that there are barely any students on campus). September is making me feel the thrill of displays and library events all over again. I’m already scoping out the Day of the Dead decorations at Michael’s because I have a plant, and it is brilliant. (My people know to fear these plans)

Friday feelin’

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my dear readers (you know who you are *wink*). I’m a total sucker for Valentine’s Day… commercial, made-up holiday it may be, but I love me some heart-shaped tchotchkes and, other than Halloween, this may be my favorite of the candy-themed holidays.

It’s been a rough week and I need me some joy and joyness. There have been good moments, of course–plenty of them actually (a successful crafting event at work, some fun dress-up time)–but it’s been slow on the writing and terrible on the time to relax front. My mind has been racing lately, but I’m too drained to do much more than try to look after the little things like tidying up the apartment and minding the cat fiend. It’s been a blur. My dear friend lost her mother last Saturday and attending the funeral did not put me in a good state of mind. It’s one of those life moments you know will happen but there is NEVER any way to prepare for the death of a loved one. I’ve come terribly close too many times and I know the moment of truth will come some day (it’s one of those things you are more aware of when your parents are older than all your friends’ and never seem to be able to do as much), but just the thought leaves me a little broken. I wish I could do more for her, but grief takes its time and no one can ever really make it better.

I’ve also been feeling some serious pain beneath my right shoulder blade. It just started last night about two hours after I went to bed and it was so bad I could barely find a comfortable position. Had to get up and take some pain killers and slather on muscle run in hopes that it would fade away, but it’s still aching away. My attempt to self-diagnose (I’m a sucker for that too) has turned up gallstone pain… but that can safely be ruled out, as I lost that little part of me about two years ago. So where does that leave me?! sigh.

Breathe. Relax. Just looking forward to some time with the boy tonight and shelf-hunting at IKEA with my mom on Saturday morning. I’ve been going through the books I left at her place after the move, culling those I want to keep a little closer and deselecting the ones I’ve been holding on to for sentimental reasons… I mean, really, when am I ever going to read my old literary theory books again? I love my books, but time and space (or lack thereof) have taught me to let go. EXPEDIT, I need you now.



November is really kicking my bum

Egads! November has thrown me way off course writing and life-wise. There is just too much stuff happening at once. And I want to do it ALL! I’m trying to avoid spreading myself too thin, but seems unavoidable lately.

Some good things…

  • My gaming day event was a huge success by my standards (small library/campus, more than 50 people equals lots of fun).
  • I totally failed at keeping my New Year’s Resolutions (re: let my hair grow out). I got a pixie cut. I love it. So there.
  • The Book Fair!!!! OMG! BERKS!!!!
  • The WIP is coming together nicely. It’s become more of a rewrite than a revision, but I’m going about it in a different way this time and rewriting scene by scene, rather than doing a full-scale rewrite. Cassiel needed the works (new setting, change of characters, plot, etc.), Anúna just needs to grow into the action.

The not so good…

  • I’m definitely not near my NaNo goal, but I’m no longer aiming for it. I’m back to my original goal of complete 2nd draft by February. I can’t remember how I came up with February… but I think it has something to do with Camp NaNo in April.
  • Commitments, commitments.
  • I need a vacation. I feel it.

feeling a little burned out

I am absolutely exhausted. I cannot wait for the holiday weekend. 3 whole days off! Plus the weekend! It’s a blessing. I will write and write. And then… there will be pie. 🙂

Anúna is coming along well, I must say. I’ve had to recharge my schedule a bit, but I’ve managed to write every day and am well beyond my goal. I was a bit nervous going into it because it’s an adult urban fantasy, which is entirely beyond the realm of anything I’ve written before, but it’s coming along in a coherent way and I’m not biting my nails with anxiety over the awfulness of my writing. It’s strange, but I actually feel good about this one. I’m really glad I didn’t back out of NaNo at the last minute. Yay, me! Okay, enough of that.

NaNo Update 1

First NaNo weekend is done and I’m ahead of the goal :). I’m actually quite surprised at how engaged I am. I’m really feeling the story and the characters I’m creating. I’m working on an urban fantasy idea I jotted down a few years ago while I was working on my other project. It’s really taken a turn, though. It’s becoming much more than I first imagined.

Tomorrow will be my first major challenge… I’ve got a library event scheduled that will consume a lot of my energy. And I haven’t worked out in a few days and am starting to feel the need for a good sweat. Amazingly, it’s not the writing that sidetracked my workout routine.

Resolution as of today: workout and no more sweets until Thanksgiving. I cannot resist the pumpkin pie and that is a fact.