life: still kicking around

I am alive! But barely. I caught the flu right as I was preparing to start my health reset (not a diet, just a kick in the rear exercise-wise). As happens, I was a mess for a good week and a half and am only just getting over the gut-wrenching cough, headaches, dizziness, and general breathlessness. It’s been rough, but I really do feel like I’m finally on the mend.

Of course, I tried to write and that didn’t go well. I’ve been focusing on my promotion file, so my writing is limited to weekend sprints at the moment, but even that went on hold while I recovered. I have a hard time divorcing my academic voice from my creative voice, so I need to set clear boundaries between professional writing and fiction. That means weekends, which means slower, but less schizophrenic results.

So here we are, sloth-like but chugging along.

things that cheer me up

Still feeling aches and pains, but managing to not freak out quite so much when I feel a twinge. Winter Break will = recovery time this year (now that my travel plans are bust). Mostly just looking forward to some reading and writing time, and a few outings.

In the meantime, I cheer myself up with a few silly things…

Like wearing colorful tights, as pants are still out of the question.

Playing with the lucky cats and my new Chihiro (an early present from the bchan).

And pestering Didymus for a photo-op.