life: an update

I had a major life crisis two weeks ago and am only just starting to feel “normal” again. I’m not ready to talk about it (because it’s a rather loaded subject and I’m not interested in opening myself up to trolls), but I will say that I’m fine and getting better and my mental health is much more stable than it was at the time. I had planned on posting lofty July goals, but now I’m just looking forward to getting any writing done, getting back to exercising after a two week break, and focusing on improving my mental state. It’s been difficult, but such is life and I had support from the ones I love. And Harry Potter. I’ve read and watched a lot of Harry Potter.

That’s that.

In better news, my promotion file is DONE. I just printed and added the last of the letters I was waiting on, checked my contents, and made sure it looks neat and tidy. Tomorrow, I ship it off to the other campus and sit back to wait. Until February.

This shows more details than I normally share, but I’m a public entity and google-able, so… nothing you couldn’t find with a quick search. *shrug*

Wish me luck.

Video tomorrow (just an update on shoes I reviewed a few months ago), and *fingers crossed* a more regular blog and video schedule for future posts.

life in limbo

Right now, I’m focusing on the little things—seeing a doctor, figuring out what happens next, considering my options if I end up needing a new car. I got the car out of the impound lot and stored away in my boyfriend’s yard, but I really can’t do anything until I have the police report. Things happened, and things didn’t, and now I’m stuck waiting until I can move forward. Things may be a little off-schedule on the blog while I try to figure out the next steps and look after the details. My writing is on hold as well. Sleep has been off and I’m feeling a little numb. Things will settle with time. I’m focusing on the now. The words will come.

just another update on this crazy thing called life

I think they’re gone… I’m hesitant to even admit it, but I really think the mites are dying, dead, or leaving for greener pastures because I have not seen or felt a single one since Sunday. (with my luck, they’ll be back this afternoon) I’m not sure which of the many magic brews made it happen, but I think it was the combination of EcoSmart (available on Vitacost), Sentry Natural Defense (available at Petco), and a 3 parts 91% alcohol, witch hazel, hydrogen peroxide spray with orange essential oil. Yes, I tried everything. My house smells like all kinds of herbs, including thieves blend oil, tea tree, orange oil, peppermint. and eucalyptus. It’s a veritable apothecary. Sigh.

Aside from the bugs, my TMJ has been the worst it’s been in months (probably due to the stress and my inability to get a good night’s sleep), which means I’ve been living with a persistent ache along my jaw, teeth, and neck… which means hello, migraine. I’ve taken a few different things for it, but it’s one of those that linger until suddenly they disappear. I feel half-drunk and generally moody, but I’m managing. Started doing yoga again on Sunday (with the bugs, I could barely sit still, let alone focus on breathing); it’s been three days in a row now. Hoping it helps. It’s just difficult to concentrate on anything when everything hurts and you feel like bugs are crawling all over you. *shudder*

sometimes bad things come in… fours?

I don’t know when I first heard the phrase “bad things come in threes” but I was thinking just that when number four happened.

Individually these are silly things:

  1. I dropped a jam jar at Target on Monday. Totally cracked and splattered all over the aisle. No one at the store was much bothered by it, but I felt awful.
  2. I made fridge oats and promptly dropped the jar on Wednesday morning while rushing to get to work. I am off fridge oats for a while. It looks like vomit when it splatters. So gross.
  3. Tonight, I was preparing to take the trash out when the bag broke and spilled all over my carpet. There was salad and coffee and moist stuff.
  4. I was about to clean up the mess when I decided to close the windows… because, you know, Florida is still hot as hell and I was not about to get my sweat on. The crank broke. My bedroom window is being held together by packing tape until my landlord can find a replacement crank (mind you, my apartment was built in the 50s, so this might be impossible), or find a repair person able to make magic happen.

Together, this just takes the cake. I do not want a number five.

in which the shit hits the fan (almost literally)

The day was good… until disaster struck. Now, there’s a hole in my bedroom wall and a (possibly) ill-fitting ac unit in my future. I suspected something was going to go wrong re:  AC unit replacement, I just didn’t think it would be this bad. Wish I’d shelled out the cash for it myself, but didn’t want to spend so much when it’s more of a rental owner thing. So it goes. Waiting to see whether or not I will have a hole in the wall for days to come. Fingers crossed.

On the bright side, I wrote a lot. Not quite where I wanted to be (disaster struck while the going was getting good), but not bad for a day’s work.