Everything I know I learned from Labyrinth

Labyrinth was (and still is) one of my absolute favorite movies and probably one of my greatest pop culture influences. I started watching this movie before I could really understand what was happening… I’m not sure what I made of it as a toddler, but there seems to have been no lasting harm.

These are the top 10 things I learned from Labyrinth

1. If an androgynous man in tights offers you his crystal ball, do not sass him.
Just don’t. Whether or not you take him up on his offer is a different matter altogether.

2. All those stories about nice fairies are wrong.
Folktales are full of wicked fairies. Stop believing in sugar-coated fairy tales.

3. Be very specific when asking friendly strangers for directions.
They might just send you on the wrong path.

4. Nothing is ever a piece of cake.
Just when you think things are going swimmingly, something terrible will happen. It always does.

5. Watch out for riddlers and gropers.
Need I explain?

6. Never let others handle your peaches.
You may end up in a hallucinogenic dreamscape.

7. All your childhood toys really are just junk.
Don’t become a hoarder. You’ll end up like the garbage lady.

8. A bunch of misfits can do anything, even take down the Goblin Army.
That’s some serious inspiration.

9.If the androgynous man in tights offers to be your slave if you do as he says, you’d better know your answer.
Or it might turn into some 50 shades fiasco.

10. David Bowie is the greatest.
He is.

Weather Wonder

I got rid of the TV in my bedroom when they made the switch to DTV last year. This means I have much more time to read before bed/when I wake up, spend online, and generally waste in various other non-TV related ways. It also means I have no idea what is happening locally. In some ways, this is not a bad thing. It means a lot less bad news. However, it also means I have no idea what is happening weather-wise. Now, local weather is spotty at best, but it is generally good to know when a storm is headed your way. Overhearing a rather loud conversation at the next table while sipping tea at Starbucks is not the best way to learn that there is a Tropical Storm/Flood Warning o’ Doom for your area. No wonder there has been so much bad weather lately. It’s all news to me. I really must start keeping up with things.

random pictures and surprise cat-blogging

After months of telling myself I would, I finally went up to the special collections to visit my thesis. As I work there now, it seemed like the perfect opportunity… plus, I was suckered into a field trip to the fourth floor by one of the other girls 🙂

I wish I had my camera on hand at the time, I was only able to get two very badly blurred shots with my phone (I recently cracked my phone and had to downgrade back to my old Razr, sucks for pictures).



One day, I will bind a copy of my own.

Meanwhile, Didymus has learned the joy of bubbles and having them land on one’s nose.



didy_bubbles3Yes, he is a large, silly creature 🙂

replenishing the royal army

Since when are condoms kept under lock and key? I rarely blog about my sex life, but I just have to know if this phenomenon is a new thing as I have never encountered it until today.

I went to CVS with my bf to buy a new pack only to find that the entire “Family Planning” section of the aisle was behind a locked glass case with a Staples easy-button-esque Call for Service button hovering above the glass. This glaring red button is not a discreet button. Oh no. It calls for service on the loudspeaker, interrupting whatever lite track is on at the moment and requesting that one of the employees make their way to the Family Planning aisle. It is also a bilingual button. The English message is promptly followed with a request in Spanish.

I found it utterly hilarious, but it was still a little weird. I really wonder if they just have a lot of condom thieves? Is there a purpose behind the lock and key other than to see how people react to the awkward button pressing moment? Is this local? Is it because I live in a largely Hispanic community that there is this odd watch on the condom buying? Or is CVS just toying with us?

v.g. time last night

Spent weekend re-reading Bridget Jones’s Diary and so will write post in manner of Bridget.

alcohol units: 3(ish), cigarettes: dozens (all secondhand as don’t smoke), calories consumed: thousands, though all in name of good time and mostly mixed drink derived

Hurrah for pre-graduation outing and fab friends! Was all mellow and free as a free thing without a care in the world as had just submitted grades and could not  be bothered to worry about work, or lack thereof. Enjoyed self immensely and had lovely time.

Spent night at E’s, as was too tipsy to drive home but realized too late that light packing was far too light – other than nightie, forgot to include all other necessary bits (ie. toothbrush/paste, change of clothes for morn, etc.). But such incidents are likely to happen when one compares self to Bridget.

Speaking of which, noticed that Bridget is now more relevant to self than ever as impending spinsterhood panic is more likely in mid-20s than teens. Also, having distant relatives ringing up and asking about lack of smug couple-dom whilst reading Bridget is far too ironic.

chicken run

So Fay has gone and rained itself through SoFla, and is now doing the oddest thing ever–strengthening while on land.

Nothing much happened, it was like the nice little Tropical Storms of yore (of yore being when I was a wee lass… er… a kid in elementary school). Just some wind, some rain, and a nice soaking for the plants.

However, we did have a Dorothy-in-Kansas type moment this morning when my mom looked out and saw that there were chickens outside our apartment. I thought, “Chickens? She’s got to be joking.” But, no, there really were chickens. A cute little hen and a rooster. Poor things were soaked and lost. I think they came from one of the homes on the other side of the street, probably tossed about on the wind and too confused to find their way home. We fed them some rice and they seemed pleased.

Here they come…
Here they come

Lola looks on in wonder… those birds are too big for her to tease.
Lola observes...