a little culture

Saturday was Smithsonian Museum Day, so my b-chan and I went to the Bass Museum of Art on Miami Beach for a mix of modern art, Rennaissance masterpieces, and a story-filled scavenger hunt. The Bass was one of the art museums that I never got around to visiting when I was in high school (my art teacher loved taking us on field trips), so it was a treat to finally go. It was also an unexpected surprise, for such a small place, they really do have some amazing pieces. Miami isn’t necessarily known for its high art collections, but the “Endless Rennaissance” exhibit provides a nice glimpse of the masters. The “Tiny Stories” collection of… well… tiny stories–short vignettes scattered throughout the gallery–was also interesting, part of the fun was finding the stories, some printed on cards no larger than a business card, tucked away around corners and posted on the outside of the building.

The building itself also presents an interesting mix of traditional and modern.


Bass Museum

I also got a chance to visit the Miami Beach Public Library, located across the street from the museum. I get a kick out of visiting libraries around town; the Main Library in Downtown is wonderful, but if I could, I think I would love to work at this particular branch. The place was full of patrons of all ages. The first floor houses the main collection, a computer lab, and a section showcasing new arrivals. The second floor features and area that is specially designed for children and teens up to age 21, a YA room, a children’s room, and a storytelling room. The reading areas are very spacious and there is a lot of natural light, making it a very welcoming space. I would love to spend some time here reading, if only it weren’t so far.

Miami Beach Library

a hard day’s night

I am so tired that it took about five tries before I was able to correctly enter my WP login info…

I’m going to go out like a very out think in a moment, but before I log off…

I finally managed to get Em’s blog up and running… It’s a Blogger powered blog, but it’s my very first original Blogger-ready layout. Am quite pleased actually and glad that Em likes it. Just a few minor glitches to work out, but that’s for a later day.


Most Noble

When I decided to go on hiatus a couple of years ago, I adopted out all of my fanlistings except the Jareth Fanlisting. I assumed that I would be contacted if one of the new owners decided to shut down the listing that they had adopted. Well, the person that adopted the Black Family Tree Fanlisting didn’t, but I was lucky enough to find out that it was open for application 🙂 .

Black as Pitch – The Black Family Tree Tapestry Fanlisting is now finished and open for joining!