down memory lane… or Florida roads

The moment I stepped through the door last Monday, reality hit me. Hard. My relaxed vacation mood drifted away in an instant. Lots of stuff happened during my weekend absence, most of which involved my room and/or my kitteh. Kitteh caused lots of drama and continues to do so. All that’s left of my stress-free mini-break to St. Augustine are pictures and the five pounds I managed to put on. Speaking of which… How did that happen?! WHY?!? I only had dessert once. Okay, maybe twice? There was a lot of bread though… mmmm… there was some good bread in St. Augustine. It must have been the bread.

It was a long drive featuring lots of mad signs about pecans...
We're here! I always wanted to visit St. Augustine... it's the history nerd in me.
We found the perfect job for our long-haired friends... historical reenacting.
Was really surprised by the St. Augustine lighthouse. The museum and grounds were so much more than I expected.
The stairwell was stunning, though I can't imagine dragging a bucket of oil to the top.
Sadly, I only got halfway up before I became lightheaded. The b-chan made it though.
Another neat place was the old drugstore, now a tea shop. It was filled with old bottles and more.
Visited the Old Jail, which was just as creepy as the fort... especially when my imagination was running wild.
Became very tipsy after taking the free wine tour at the San Sebastian winery. They were very generous with the samples. And had my first taste of port and sherry. Port is quite enjoyable.
And followed the wine tasting with a chocolate tour at the Whetstone chocolate factory to round out the hedonist experience... I think I'm seeing where the 5 lbs crept up.

It really was a fantastic place for a 4 day trip. Just enough to keep us busy but not so much that we felt we missed out on anything. We went to just about every major attractions, including the Fountain of Youth Park, Ripley’s, and others. The variety of restaurants was also fantastic, though I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a single Spanish restaurant (a place founded by Spaniards and no one thought to open a Spanish restaurant? Where’s my paella?).

The last week and a half, though, has mostly involved drama resolution and girth reduction. I want to go back to lazy St. Augustine :(.