slow as a snail

But getting better every day.

Started taking a turn about the parking lot in the evenings and finally went on my first trip to the shops since the surgery. I was completely worn out after what probably amounted to a half hour trip to the grocery store. Still get winded after doing too much, but I need to feel active… I’m tired of sitting around all day and need to get up and about. I have a follow-up visit scheduled for tomorrow, so I’ll soon know how much longer I’ll have to stay in recovery mode. I can’t see myself driving for a few days yet, especially since I can’t even pull the car door closed without assistance, but I would like to start doing something soon.

My bellybutton is a hideous shade of raisin, but it is looking much more like its old self. Also, the pokes in my side itch like mad, so that’s a good sign.

Thus far, I’ve managed to keep myself busy by reading, watching terrible tv (what happened to afternoon cartoons?!), pinning things on pinterest, and helping my mom prepare the holiday crafts for her students. And napping. I feel like a toddler, but I just can’t seem to shake the need to sleep during the day.

I also get to watch the outdoor kitties doing terribly naughty things

A Crook up a Tree

back home

Was released from the hospital yesterday. Still in pain, but starting to get a bit stronger. Apparently, my gallbladder was more of a cement bag than anything resembling a proper organ. Dr. thinks it was one of those rare cases of congenital gallbladder dysfunction and was surprised I had managed to live without pain for so long. It was a minimally invasive procedure, but the gallbladder was too large to go through my belly button as planned, so they had to open it up a bit more 😦

Here are a few things I miss:

  • Core strength. I can barely stand upright.
  • My tortellini bellybutton… it’s a much bigger innie now.
  • Energy.
  • The ability to lay back and get up without assistance.
  • Not having pain in my shoulders (that’s where all the gas they pumped into me is stuck).
  • Proper showers.
  • Being able to turn in my sleep.
  • Wearing underwear. Yep, I’m going commando. No way I can handle panties at the moment.