<3 validation

Today is the sort of day my library self rejoices. Just had a discussion with the students in the class that I singled out to read Radioactive for the term (as part of our campus read along) and they had a lot of insightful, amazing feedback to give on their experience while reading the book. So happy. Even the students who didn’t like the visuals said they enjoyed the text and learned information they didn’t know. 🙂

A few things I have learned.

As an instructor, I like to show students the basics and let them learn by doing. I don’t do gimmicks. It’s just not me. I prefer to let the topic lead the session and handle questions as they come. I prepare PowerPoints and/or notes, but ad lib most of the presentation/lecture/discussion. I have no problem standing in front of a crowd and talking about what I know; I lost any sense of timidity after my first semester as a TA back in ’06.

As a Circulation supervisor, I like to show by example. I hate the thought of being the sort of supervisor who doesn’t know what the work actually entails. I prefer to take part in the “menial” tasks from time to time (shelving, shelf reading, shifting, etc.), know what it involves, become familiar with the problem areas, then delegate tasks so that my student workers see how it’s done and learn to do it in the process. I’ve had a few great supervisors in academic libraries and some not so great ones when I was involved in teaching and tutoring. I hope to emulate the ones I liked and catch myself if I start to act like the others.

It always freaks people out when I head into the stacks to shelve, though I actually get a kick out of it… must be my weird desire to organize things. Plus, it’s a great workout for the arms 😀 .

freshmen and their anxieties

Why, oh why, do students assume that their instructors live to grade/review/comment on their papers?

I’m going to have to set some boundaries this semester. I may have a class filled with A-type overachievers, but I don’t need to feel like an overworked high school teacher. One conference, one review. Follow my advice and revise, or take the grade you earned. No more.