the view from Sunday: shoes and paper clutter

I finally did it. I took a good, hard look at my shoe collection and donated everything that made my toes pinch, my feet ache, or my legs feel like falling off at the end of the day. I started with a proper sort. Laid everything out and inspected each pair, thinking about more than just worn out-soles and scuff marks.

 photo BC87DFE8-21C8-49C5-BF80-F0967559898E_zpsspzldgai.jpg
The result is a much neater shoe rack and a closet I can actually walk into without tripping over my feet. My wardrobe is also starting to come together; it’s much easier to go through my things and make choices now that I’m focusing on basics and quality.

 photo 7CC9EDB2-4A94-45FB-9C8D-C1217D9B35D0_zpsx1kooyhq.jpg

Then I decided to tackle the paper clutter. I really should have done this months ago, but I kept putting it off (through sheer cowardice). I dumped everything out and sorted through all the piles, deciding what needed to stay and what could be sent to the shredder.
 photo 7C8772F3-1F95-4F6C-863A-DB6FBA6C0373_zpsexe4rs2a.jpg

Armed with a sharpie and some tape, I labeled my new categories and filed what I need to keep. The result, a happy file case and a bag full of stuff that can be shredded and recycled. 🙂
 photo 2414B9E3-3EA3-4B2B-94B7-D16478FBFBD6_zpsi6ihni0f.jpg

My list of to-do’s is starting to look more like a list of accomplishments. I also sorted through some of the plush toys I had sitting in the corner of the bedroom (mostly gathering dust), and went through my art supplies, tossing dried paints and old sketchbooks that I don’t like to use. I have a little pile waiting for next week, but it’s all becoming much easier to manage and less time-consuming with every sweep.

the view from Sunday: weekend vlogging

I can has new phone? Yes, I can has!

Ok, enough of that nonsense. I have a new phone. I’m still figuring it out. But it has a camera that is finally worthwhile, so I took it for a spin 🙂 Behold! What madness.

Update re: henna… much lighter than I expected. Almost caramel. Next time, I’ll go full red.

the view from Sunday: already?!

I completely lost track of time this weekend. Had a lovely, adventure-filled Saturday with the auntie and bĂ©bĂ©, followed by movie night with the boy, while Sunday was full of family goodness… all with a side of de-cluttering. I’m on a roll, people. It’s finally coming together (or coming apart, I should say). I finally found the courage to part with stuff that belonged to my cat (I just couldn’t bear to sort it after he died and ended up stuffing it in the back of the closet), as well as some handmade scarves that my mom knit (too many, she was in a knitting frenzy). I kept what I like and what really matters, but the rest will be donated and handed down.

Sad to say, I still have the mites. Not the terrible infestation it was at first, but I do see a few from time to time. Just have to keep at it, I guess.

On a brighter note, I met my Camp goal on Saturday (!) and celebrated by purchasing a couple of crystals at the craft bazaar we visited later that day. Malachite plays a rather significant part my current (never ending) WIP, and citrine is a personal favorite.

 photo 100_5628_zpshscxae2r.jpg

I’ll be better about pictures next week…

the view from Sunday: mugs, books, and kitties!

Still dealing with the mites, but the plague appears to be under control *fingers crossed* so life is starting to settle into something of a rhythm again. With all the spraying and cleaning, I decided to re-evaluate my mug collection and concluded that, rather than ridding myself of the excess, I should rid myself of all the other stuff cluttering my pantry. Result: happy mugs! I did get rid of a few, mostly the ones that were too thin or fussy to handle (no joy when you get burned by hot contents), but the rest make me happy, so they stay until the day they don’t.

 photo P1030098_zpseouubvrf.jpg
a few were in the wash, but you get the idea

Of course, having finished Newt’s Emerald and Finding Fraser (video to come!), I am now between books and enjoying a torrid literary affair with several authors at once.

 photo P1030095_zpsbstvjuir.jpg

The cats seem completely unperturbed by the mites and the cleaning… see, totally floppy and oblivious. Just wait until the new vacuum arrives…

 photo P1030097_zps56sodvqb.jpg

 photo P1030094_zpshsosjbpj.jpg
one of these things is not like the others

I’m off to enjoy the rest of my afternoon and get some more reading in before the boy comes over.



the view from Sunday: or, I really can’t be bothered

It’s one of those days—a truly lazy Sunday, where even the thought of picking up my camera seems too much. Sorry, no pictures. Instead, I had a nap. A sudden, unexpected one (meaning, there will be a crick in my neck shortly). I needed it. Sometimes, I just need to step back and remind myself that I too need a break. There’s writing to be done, housework to be managed, meals to be planned, but, right this minute, I just need to take care of me. I have a date with a book. ttyl!

the view from Sunday: the frenzy continues

The cleaning frenzy, that is… I finally took the plunge and assessed my kitchen storage. Exhibit A: that thing has been tormenting for nearly 3 years. My cabinets are largely unusable, so I’ve had to rely on plastic storage bins and the like to keep things tidy. That Sterilite container was a hand-me-down from a former neighbor, and it was only meant to be a temporary solution. That temporary solution turned into a 3-year eyesore, so when Apartment Therapy’s weekend assignment landed in my inbox, encouraging me to get rid of one large piece of furniture, I decided it was time.

 photo P1030053_zpsfvbsjfw0.jpg
So long plastic drawers, and other assorted bits that are no more (at least in my home).

After the clearing frenzy, I needed some tea, so I gave my new tea infuser a try and made myself a cup of the Irish Breakfast blend I picked up at the Elemental Tea Garden in Orlando. It was lovely and the infuser was so easy to clean(!).

 photo P1030056_zps9pkfpmsi.jpg

Of course, I then had to drag all the stuff down the stairs and into my car to donate, so that took some doing. My home is now in a semi-decent state, though not as tidy as I like (stuff still needs sorting and is taking over my dining table). Either way, I’ve given up on cleaning started writing and reading.

 photo P1030061_zpszxknqbaq.jpg

The great Outline of Doom is coming along slowly (or not at all), but I’ve written some scenes (just need to get them out of my head), a character profile, and jotted down a rough plot. This week’s vlog will focus on my current process and how it has evolved, so stay tuned and enjoy the rest of your weekend! I’m off to do some reading until the boy comes for a visit. 🙂

after the shenanigans – ALA 2016 and a wizardy adventure

There were books. There was food. There was hot, hot heat. And there was butterbeer! I recorded a very silly vlog during my adventures (to be edited and posted), but here is a glimpse.

Friday night dinner at D-Luxe in Disney Springs…

Saturday morning. Working it.

Waiting for my crew to show up for our poster session. Trying to look proper.

After business, the pleasure begins.

I waited a long time to visit this park; it was so worth it. The experience totally blew my mind. Just perfect.

the view from Sunday: or, please make it rain already

The heat is on. It is miserably hot and humid in my apartment; I actually went out for a drive so I could cool down (when your car is cooler than your home, you know you’re in trouble). Cleaned the filters and hoping the AC finally shows some proper action.

Too hot to do much, but I repotted the little spearmint plant I picked up on Friday, and sorted through some of my things (hello, ebay!). Also filmed a rants and raves video, which will go up on Friday (you’ll see how miserable I feel in this heat when you watch the video), and caught up on some of the shows I’ve ignored while writing. Now, I’m trying to work up the nerve to do some yoga (mostly because the mere thought of moving makes me sweat).

I just want it to rain already. Refreshing rain. Sigh.

minty goodness
maybe peaches will help me cool down…

the view from Sunday: that’s so Miami

I’m on a roll! Came back to the office to get some writing done, so I brought my camera along for some fun. Now, every Miamian knows there’s no sense going anywhere near the Miami Beach/bay area over the holiday weekend, so this is about as close as I’m going to get.

the view from Sunday: working it

Not a very exciting day, but a productive one. I kept finding every excuse not to write (the bathroom needs cleaning, the carpet needs vacuuming, maybe I’ll just read a little, etc.), so I dragged myself off to my office. Though it’s an hour away, my office puts me in a working state-of-mind, which is very effective against the excuse generator that is my brain. Got to writing and got it done.