Review: The Young Visiters

Alfred Saltina (Jim Broadbent) is a very nice, unassuming man with wiry, black hair. One day, he meets Ethel Mabel Monticue (Lyndset Marshal) while they are both riding on the train. Miss Ethel is desirous of meeting a husband, noble or peer preferred. Alfred is smitten and decides to pretend to be acquainted with members of the upper crust of British society, but soon finds that there is more to meeting Miss Ethel’s high demands than he imagined. Offering to host Miss Ethel during a visit in town, he scours his book of contacts and decides to call upon Lord Bernard Clark (Hugh Laurie), who lives in a dark and lonely estate and will provide the sort of pomp and luxury that Ethel desires. Little does Alf know that he has found himself a rival for Miss Ethel’s affection…

The Young Visiters is directed by David Yates and features a wonderful cast of seasoned British actors. The screenplay is based on the novel written by 9 year old Daisy Ashford. It’s a quirky and sometimes silly little story and is brought to life in a suitably whimsical sort of way, but I found myself a bit bored at times. I gave it 3 stars because it did prove entertaining. It sort of reminded me of Nanny McPhee, one of my favorites; it’s an over-saturated Victorian[esque] moral comedy. The sort of thing a child would imagine happens in the world of grown-ups, though it is not a  film that I would recommend for children.

Hopefully, tomorrow’s post will bring the next Lark Rise disc 🙂