on unpleasant things

There are lots of things that aren’t fun. Going to the dentist… not fun. Exams… not fun. Emergency gallbladder surgery… definitely not fun. My latest not fun thing: salmonella poisoning. Mmm… salmonella. Not. Ugh. Not fun fact, salmonella can make you arthritic. My knees can attest to this. Good lord, I’ve felt like an 80 year old for the last two days. Energy = 0. Fever = 102. At least, the fever broke early yesterday morning; otherwise, I’d still be shivering away under 20 layers. On Tuesday, I was mostly dead. Even on my worst days, I can manage to stir out of bed. Not so on Tuesday. I was asleep for a good 18 hours, or what resembled sleep but was mostly a feverish fog. I want this bug exorcised and gone.

Am going to try to go in to work tonight. Luckily, we’re between semesters so it really will be a graveyard shift. Hope I don’t fall asleep, as I can’t even have caffeinated drinks.

In which I am a sorry mess

I feel utterly drained today. It’s probably the combination of late nights, early mornings, worries, and a mild cold, but this past weekend has left me worn and in need of a break. I guess it’s a good thing that I’ll have a break soon, but I think the last few days have also proved that I much prefer a late start to an early one (for work, I mean. My usual shift allows me much more time in the morning than this week’s pre-holiday break schedule). I’m a 7 am riser as it is, but the loss of an hour really jars me for the rest of the day. Getting up at 6 throws me off completely.

I must reenergize and get back on track, there’s so much to do, I need to take advantage of the time I have. I will not be bested by a cold and tiredness.