two things

A tour of my brains hosted by the lovely and incredibly talented Serena @ It’s part of her awesome Future Shelves series featuring the poor and penniless writers among us ^-^.

And a tour of my scantily furnished apartment (especially for my loved ones who are near to my heart but far from my little hermitage…)

I give you…. my Writing Nook!!!! Yes, that’s what I’m calling it and I’m sticking to it until something better comes along.


Pink!Domo welcomes all with glee! GLEE!


Cat Castle Corner… He is so spoiled.


The Land of Nod… or, the Sleepatorium.


The pink room of resting and pinkness.


The Owls are not amused.


The nook o’ tea and crumpets! Yes, there are crumpets in my fridge. Pardon the mess.


The Imagination Station/Sun Salutation area


The guardian sprites.


Pink!Domo encounters the Didymus.


That’s all folks!