and things take a turn

The end is in sight, friends. The end is in sight. Writer’s block is unblocked and the possibility that I might finish draft 2 by the end of April is looking much more possible. Hooray! Lovely CampNaNo inspiration.

And I finally got the call I was waiting for! And I said YES! And I realize this is incredibly vague, but I will explain as soon as it’s all official. Just don’t want to make the announcement yet on the off chance that someone who knows me might be reading this before I’m ready to spill. I’m nervous about what it means, but it’s a happy sort of nervous.

March madness indeed

Somehow, time got away from me and March seemed to pass in a blur of unexpected opportunities and activities. I’m waiting on news and hoping for some good to come of it. Don’t want to dwell on it though. What will be, will be, and some things are just beyond my control. I’ll wait.

Writing is coming along… a few kinks, but it’s flowing again. I read some good books, ate some good food, and took part in a nice run on St. Patrick’s Day. It was a good month now that I can look back and see it objectively.

Friday feelin’

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my dear readers (you know who you are *wink*). I’m a total sucker for Valentine’s Day… commercial, made-up holiday it may be, but I love me some heart-shaped tchotchkes and, other than Halloween, this may be my favorite of the candy-themed holidays.

It’s been a rough week and I need me some joy and joyness. There have been good moments, of course–plenty of them actually (a successful crafting event at work, some fun dress-up time)–but it’s been slow on the writing and terrible on the time to relax front. My mind has been racing lately, but I’m too drained to do much more than try to look after the little things like tidying up the apartment and minding the cat fiend. It’s been a blur. My dear friend lost her mother last Saturday and attending the funeral did not put me in a good state of mind. It’s one of those life moments you know will happen but there is NEVER any way to prepare for the death of a loved one. I’ve come terribly close too many times and I know the moment of truth will come some day (it’s one of those things you are more aware of when your parents are older than all your friends’ and never seem to be able to do as much), but just the thought leaves me a little broken. I wish I could do more for her, but grief takes its time and no one can ever really make it better.

I’ve also been feeling some serious pain beneath my right shoulder blade. It just started last night about two hours after I went to bed and it was so bad I could barely find a comfortable position. Had to get up and take some pain killers and slather on muscle run in hopes that it would fade away, but it’s still aching away. My attempt to self-diagnose (I’m a sucker for that too) has turned up gallstone pain… but that can safely be ruled out, as I lost that little part of me about two years ago. So where does that leave me?! sigh.

Breathe. Relax. Just looking forward to some time with the boy tonight and shelf-hunting at IKEA with my mom on Saturday morning. I’ve been going through the books I left at her place after the move, culling those I want to keep a little closer and deselecting the ones I’ve been holding on to for sentimental reasons… I mean, really, when am I ever going to read my old literary theory books again? I love my books, but time and space (or lack thereof) have taught me to let go. EXPEDIT, I need you now.



it is what it is… or, another random update

Yes, indeed, it’s another random update! Hurrah! And gadzooks!

Ok, enough of that.

Things are better than they were earlier this week. I gave myself permission to just be and enjoy the small stuff, so here I am. I have to say, you Twitter peeps are the best and excellent when it comes to virtual hugs and support. Thank you!

My NaNo rebellion is coming along well, despite some minor setbacks (re: laziness) on Thursday and Friday. My characters are being their usual wicked selves and taking me for a spin, but the plot is developing into something resembling a real plot and some of those minor characters are becoming less minor in a pleasantly unexpected way. I think I will be able to get through the first full draft at this rate and be able to start on the next round of edits by December. *fingers crossed*

Life wise, I’ve also been sticking to my health and fitness challenge and feeling all the better for it. I’m such a sucker for goals… keeps me motivated and stirs me up just when I need stirring.

I even did some gardening today and took care of the rooftop shrubbery. I surprise myself every time I see how nicely the plants have been coming along. My catnip is positively invasive.

My next plan, is to save some monies for home improvement projects and finally make this place look decent. I shall start by closing the hole around my AC unit. Yes, I’m going to turn into a DIY-er for the holidays and am really hoping for some Lowe’s cards for Christmas. My Pinterest is going to explode with paint and decorating ideas. 

Off I go…

a look at June in pictures

June proved to be an eventful month, what with there being birthday cakes and presents and all. But there were also books! And trips! And chairs!!!
Here’s a look at some of the best things that happened in June (sans the birthday stuff, for that silliness see this post)

OMG! I got a book signed by Neil Gaiman. The joy and joyness cannot be contained! Also, the book is beautiful.
See! There he is in all his mad-haired, creative genius glory!
I also had a rare beach outing. It was really a momentary excursion, but there were dolphins and seashells.
And I got chairs and only had to spend $40 on the gas to pick them up. The kitteh is more than pleased. He purrs with pleasure every time he climbs on them.

July is proving to be a busy month… much busier than I anticipated. I’m doing what I call Camp NaNo part 2, in the hopes that giving myself a deadline means that I will finish Cassiel within the month. It’s starting to grow out of control again. I need to reign my creative juices in… I’m wordy to a fault. There must be a project that I can complete in less than 100k. This is not a good thing. Really, I need to focus on action and cut out the extraneous stuff. I’ve let myself go with setting and inner thoughts. I need action!!! ACTION!

So that is that. If it’s a bit quiet around here, it probably means I’m being a stern taskmaster and making myself stick to writing… turns out, I also got in a bit over my head and have to frantically rework some of my work-related writing for publication. My fingers may very well go on strike after all this.

a few things I have learned so far

It’s been a strange week. Long and draining, but good for the most part.

These are a few things I learned this week:

  • Editing will always be tedious, but you just have to do it. There are no shortcuts.
  • I have an unofficial second job. Writing does that.
  • There will always be difficult people. It’s best not to rise to the challenge.
  • I will miss my students once they graduate. They’ve been a fun bunch.
  • Some days, you just have to indulge in some retail therapy. Hello, amazon.

Some things that made me feel all proud:

  • A university administrator said I was one of their good hires.
  • I got to impress a few people with my Haiku Deck skills.
  • A group of seasoned academics actually listened to what I had to say.
  • I have been able to finish my last two 5K training sessions without feeling like death.