writing: visualizing characters

While outlining “the sequel,” I’ve started thinking about the little things that make my protagonist/rivals so different, including their style, which I use to convey differences in their personalities as much as their appearance. Anúna and Siobhan are twins, but they are as unlike as night and day… or are they…

Anuna inspiration


Siobhan inspiration


writing: Pinspiration and visual storytelling

The most important part of writing is writing (followed by rewriting), but there are some days when I just need a visual to get the wheels turning… having only recently (!!!) discovered how to share my pins on WordPress, I think it’s high time I give you all a glimpse into the world I’ve been imagining for the last 4 years (yes, it’s really been that long). Anúna (or, as I have finally started calling it, Crown of Ice, Crown of Air) is a fantasy set in this world and the Other. It is a story of elemental magick, rivalry, and war, but it is also a story of love and finding something worth fighting for. I’ve been thinking about this world for a long time and I hope to one day share it with others (#writergoals).