life: waiting, again?

So the storm has come and gone, leaving mostly wet rounds and lights out for a lot of Miamians. Most shocking of all, my power made it through the winds… though, with my luck, it’ll probably go out when there’s not a breeze to be felt.

All well and good, except that they’re projecting a second hit (?!). It’s happened before. So the plants are going back out,  the cold brew will be had, and my emergency meal prep will be eaten, but I may have to go through it all again in a few days. Gah!

Anyhow, I’m taking advantage of this day off (I had it off even before the storm), and going to get a loan for the new car. I can’t keep living with so much uncertainty.

life: storm’s a’coming

Yep. I’m in storm mode. The forecast is always uncertain, but I’ve been through enough hurricanes to know that even the little ones can cause major damage. This will be the first big storm I’ve waited out in my apartment and I’m a little anxious. This place shakes in a bad thunderstorm, and I hate thunderstorms. I know I’ll be wide awake once the winds start howling tonight. My mom asked me to stay over at her place, but with two cats that are still skittish about being contained, I didn’t want to take the chance. They’ll be nervous enough without being in an unfamiliar environment. Pretty nervous myself. Hoping for the best.

Things on hold due to inclement weather:

  • loan and car shopping – because, really, this mess just gets messier
  • tomorrow’s post, because I probably won’t have any power once the winds pick up
  • follow-up doctor’s visit, re: car accident
  • anything outdoors
  • life in general

Meanwhile, unexpected pruning and emergency garden storage. At least my home is nice and green.