Weather Wonder

I got rid of the TV in my bedroom when they made the switch to DTV last year. This means I have much more time to read before bed/when I wake up, spend online, and generally waste in various other non-TV related ways. It also means I have no idea what is happening locally. In some ways, this is not a bad thing. It means a lot less bad news. However, it also means I have no idea what is happening weather-wise. Now, local weather is spotty at best, but it is generally good to know when a storm is headed your way. Overhearing a rather loud conversation at the next table while sipping tea at Starbucks is not the best way to learn that there is a Tropical Storm/Flood Warning o’ Doom for your area. No wonder there has been so much bad weather lately. It’s all news to me. I really must start keeping up with things.

hovering gloom

This is truly South Florida weather at its best… perfectly clear skies in the distance, torrential downpour over one particular area. And, yes, this really is a common occurrence.

This black cloud o’ doom stretched from the Gables to who knows where, but it only hovered over a certain area… at times, it seems like these evil clouds are following me around…