video: scent collection and project use up my stuff

No video last week because life was a whirl…

This week, I’m reviewing my scents and analyzing my current collection. Two of the scents mentioned are part of my “project use it up“, so those will be in constant rotation during the coming month. My plan to is to use up what I have, cull what I don’t wear, and curate a minimalist scent wardrobe to match my mood. Baby steps. This is an edited collection and one that will be curated with time.

scent memories

I picked up some coffee at Starbucks before the drive to work on Friday and was suddenly struck by one of those intense scent memories that seem to just grab you and send you back in time. This time it was the scent of brewing coffee, it brought on a wave of nostalgia, recalling afternoons spent writing with friends after our teaching sessions were done. It made me realize that the smell of coffee, cigarettes, and CK One will always make me think of writing and grad school. It’s a scent that evokes all kinds of memories and puts me in a creative mood.

There are a few other scents that also evoke fond memories. There’s this one smell of humidity and flowers that catches me by surprise every so often and makes me think of my trip to London. It’s a combination of potpourri and rain.

The smell of crayons will always remind me of the first day I went to school. And the smell of tempera will always remind me of high school art classes.

Then there’s the smell of books, one of the best smells.