5 things: wishes (and delayed gratification)

5 things I'm wishing for


I made this collage a few days before the accident. These were the things I was craving, coveting, and yearning for… some are big purchases, some are simple pleasures, all are now on hold for the foreseeable future. Life is like that sometimes.
The tieks and the laptop are the biggest investments, and will likely need to be made regardless of the car-buying situation, but I’ll continue to make do with what I have for the time being and continue my research.

the view from Sunday: finding normal

As per usual, I have made the mistake of having too little food and too much caffeine. My head is reeling. It’s not even about the caffeine, I just really enjoy the taste of coffee and coffee drinks. I have a weakness (re: problem).

This was only the second drink of the day… I’m on to three as of writing this (I will stop! no more!)
 photo D9DDBFF8-BBFC-4149-BD4A-3526BB7ED7C9_zps5b77r1xn.jpg

I’m still driving around in my mom’s car, so I’ve been trying not to go out much. I’m not scared of driving (I know that happens sometimes after car accidents), it’s just that I don’t want to deal with much at the moment. I’ve been reading, and reading, and reading all day (as you’ll see in Friday’s video, which will feature all the things I’ve read while keeping my mind off the mess). One thing I did do was pick up my new (old) glasses. I wore these for a year before getting a new vision plan, but I always wanted to give them another try.

Here I am in all my lazy Sunday glory—no makeup and silly hair.
 photo 9B3DF942-2C89-47AD-9D95-3BCA2895CB20_zpsxc3lsaxv.jpg

The cats have been all kinds of frisky. Be not fooled by their innocent appearance.
 photo D756CE30-371C-4401-AB81-9EFD838FDEE9_zpsjclmexnl.jpg

Happy Sunday! ttfn.

video: sparking joy – in my bag

I recorded this before the shiz hit the fan… so I give you *dun dun dun* a minimalist’s what’s in my bag video🙂

Next week may be a little off-kilter. I’m starting the claims process and things may get a little rough. Enjoy and let me know how you handle your bag situation.

life in limbo

Right now, I’m focusing on the little things—seeing a doctor, figuring out what happens next, considering my options if I end up needing a new car. I got the car out of the impound lot and stored away in my boyfriend’s yard, but I really can’t do anything until I have the police report. Things happened, and things didn’t, and now I’m stuck waiting until I can move forward. Things may be a little off-schedule on the blog while I try to figure out the next steps and look after the details. My writing is on hold as well. Sleep has been off and I’m feeling a little numb. Things will settle with time. I’m focusing on the now. The words will come.

the view from Sunday: in light of things

My car just got totaled. I’m fine, or as fine as you can be when you’ve just had a pickup take out half your car and shove you half a mile down the road. I am alive and uninjured, so far as I can tell, but for a few scratches and scrapes. I will probably feel it tomorrow. I have never heard glass shatter and spray towards me. Now I have. I am ok, emotionally spent, but ok. That is all. Tomorrow, I will start dealing with the mess that comes next.

sparking joy: minimalism and makeup… current state of my collection

I’ve done a lot of culling in the last year. This is still a fairly large collection, but it’s a work in progress as much as anything, so let’s call it my current, edited makeup collection.

Product list below.

Missed my intro to the series? Watch it now.

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life: flow

It’s my third day back on a morning yoga schedule and I’m really getting into the flow of it. My workouts tend to shift with the seasons: when the sun starts to rise a little later and set a little earlier, my workouts shift to morning rather than evening. I still enjoy a post-dinner walk, but I just enjoy the gray morning vibe more. Kitty cat #1 (ie. CaramelCat) also enjoys the morning yoga sesh. I think Adriene’s voice just sounds really pleasant to his kitty ears, so he plops out beside me and licks my forehead as I move into shavasana.

I’ve also been enjoying my new diffuser, I like to use oils when I’m stretching and having it in the bedroom makes it that much more effective (morning yoga is bedroom yoga; whereas, evening yoga happens in the living room – see, shifts in mood and place).

Today’s practice was the gentle morning sequence, which was perfect. I feel a bit of a cold coming on and the stretch was just what I needed.

bullet journal-2 weeks and counting

So I started my bullet journal at the beginning of September, mostly because I think I’m going to let my medium kikki k. planner go in favor of the bullet journal and I want to get a feel for my preferred layouts before January rolls around and I’m going mad with planning. I’m currently experimenting with three different layouts, but I’m already leaning towards the one page spread with a blank page for notes. I’m also enjoying the at-a-glance monthly goals and to-do page that I created for September, and already set one up for October. My only concern with giving up my traditional planner is that sometimes I need to schedule things months in advance, and I’m not planning on designing months worth of pages in advance, so… I’m probably going to switch to my small kikki k. as a backup for work scheduling.

Now, some may be asking why I bother with all this paper planning mess and don’t just use google calendar or outlook? The answer is I do and I have a bad habit of never looking at it. I much prefer to write things down and see it all in my own handwriting.

Here’s the current state of affairs.

Month at a glance.

 photo 61C34F99-9E09-40D2-A1A1-BBBB8EE78408_zpsqrjmwhma.jpg

Two week spread (current).

 photo 64946129-4855-4225-98A1-B1283E694BB8_zps2qepdfof.jpg

October month-at-a-glance (in which I invested in some stamps).

 photo 8701C5D2-4A38-4886-B238-BDC835B9CD95_zpsx1xa57yg.jpg

One week spread, with notes underneath.

 photo CE912D65-984D-4195-B075-CC46361B621D_zpszv5mj1dw.jpg

One week spread with separate notes page.

 photo 0C6E991D-456E-4F4B-918B-3EE53E24A317_zps08o7u7km.jpg

The last one is probably going to be my primary layout for weekly planning.

How do you keep track of things? Do you prefer paper or electronic planning? 

the view from Sunday (night): getting the words flowing

Better late than never, right?

Spent the weekend working on the first round of changes to the draft (based on my own review and beta feedback). This method is working really well given the current state of it, and it keeps me from getting stuck on the details rather than the story. Basically, I’m jumping from beginning to end and back again, before I turn to the messy middle. So far, so good, and it’s helping me get a better grasp on character motivation and development, but I’ll share details later.

The morning started with chai…
 photo 69C2E909-C17F-45BE-B22F-B9A34BFD2F8D_zpsn1ktdd9i.jpg

and some inspirational scents. New infuser works beautifully and no cat attacks yet.
 photo 01909DDC-99F3-4A0D-8690-6437D5091389_zpsjc1dcxgy.jpg

Between breaks, I did some reading…
 photo 7AD628BA-AA35-45E3-B758-7254313F6538_zpsabdltckf.jpg

Truthwitch was just pure fun and adventure, but now I have to wait for the sequel. boo.

Meanwhile, after years (YEARS) of having it on my wishlist, I finally picked up the Magician books by PC Wrede. Love her. Love the book so far. ’nuff said.

Then the boy showed up, and everything went off the rails. TTFN.

vlog: sparking joy, or my kind of minimalism

I rave about KonMari often enough on this blog; now, I’m taking it live! This is the first in a madcap series on my kind of minimalism (or how I fought the urge to have more stuff).

Let me know if you’d like me to explore a particular aspect of the KonMari process, or share your thoughts on living with less🙂

Next in the series… MAKEUP! Or how I quit my lipstick buying habit.