social distance diaries: Day 6 & 7 (the first weekend)


Slept ’til 8 (ignoring cats as long as possible). I’ve been going to bed later than usual and it’s definitely taking a toll. Feel a bit better this morning. Had a pb&j for breakfast because my appetite is starting to come back after the anxiety of the last two days. Tidied up a bit, wrote a weekend to-do list, and started revising/writing at 10am.
Wrote for about 2.5 hours (lunch in between) and had a nice, long walk.
Listened to podcasts (Smart Podcast, Trashy Books and Secret Feminist Agenda)
Did the dishes because I can’t handle the mess.
Had dinner and finished re-watching Derry Girls (my favorite crisis watch) and started Kim’s Convenience (Netflix)
Did mom’s taxes


Slept in again, really needed the rest. Lots of driving to and from BF’s house to do laundry but NOT be socially near… Trip to grocery store to pick up stuff for mom after arguing about why I don’t want HER going out to buy things. People with recalcitrant elders, I feel you.
Jittery hands = dropped lunch. Such a waste. Glad for leftovers.
Cleaning frenzy at home… lots of vacuuming and scrubbing but all is clean for the first time in a while… (sad, but true)
Have been having less anxiety/rapid heart beat by NOT watching videos about the virus (every time I watch something, I start coughing)
Took a walk
Watched more Kim’s Convenience episodes
30 minutes of writing – less than I wanted, but more than I expected after the day I had.
Completed the Census for myself and mom
Caught up with podcast duties
Planning to read and go to bed early

Meanwhile, some people are not getting the idea of social distancing—having a backyard party with your family and friends is not practicing social distance (as evidenced during my walk this afternoon). Every one of your relatives and/or friends comes with a social circle beyond your own. This virus spreads rapidly and symptoms may not be evident. Stop mingling! I’d rather be bored than dead. If you can stay home, STAY HOME.


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One thought on “social distance diaries: Day 6 & 7 (the first weekend)”

  1. We finally convinced my grandparents to stay home. They are 83 and 92, my grandmother has diabetes and my grandfather was so sick last year that he ended up with some kind of brain damage that is similar to Alzheimer’s, has no strength and if left alone will wander off aimlessly. Both of them are extremely vulnerable, and a week ago, my grandmother was insisting they do the shopping themselves. Neither of them would survive this and I don’t want this to be the way they go. Sigh.

    We’re doing out best here. Jason makes the boys leave the house and go outside for half an hour a day, even if that’s just to walk around the block alone, or run around the backyard. I try to get out to secluded (but safe!) parks to walk or run without touching any surfaces and staying well away from any others who happen to be around. My hiking group is trying to balance our mental health with social distancing – we have a few hikes planned this week that are limited to five people and everyone must stay well away from each other. It’s a mess, but San Antonio has done a really good job at implementing shut downs quickly and early. Fingers crossed.

    Stay safe, Gricel! *hugs*

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