life: the morning after

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll! I’m in a morning after, post-concert daze, but the show Rage + Rapture tour was spectacular. Garbage was a formative part of my rock girl feminist education, and more than lived up to my expectations. Blondie is just classic, and was more than I imagined in a live performance. Even the opening act, Deap Valley, was amazing. One of the best shows I’ve seen in a while.

Rage + Rapture tour. Garbage and Blondie

Rage + Rapture tour. Garbage and Blondie

Rage + Rapture tour. Garbage and Blondie

Rage + Rapture tour. Garbage and Blondie

Rage + Rapture tour. Garbage and Blondie

Rage + Rapture tour. Garbage and Blondie

Rage + Rapture tour. Garbage and Blondie

shaking it out

I’m too tired for a proper post, but last night’s Florence + the Machine show was amazing and totally reawakened my love for live music. It’s been too long since someone worth seeing was in town and this more than made up for it. The boy got me floor tickets for my birthday so it was a much anticipated birthday present.

Some pretty pictures to share until I upload the videos.





dinner and a movie

Farmhouse Platter by emperatrix_
Farmhouse Platter, a photo by emperatrix_ on Flickr.

Finally got around to using a Groupon I purchased ages ago for a lovely little French restaurant on South Beach called Otentic. It was a wonderful experience and not at all overpriced, given the portions and quality. The b-chan and I had onion soup in giant white bowls, shared the Farmhouse Platter (which took up most of our tiny table space), and split a Creme Brulee (with Amelie style cracking action). I was in French paradise. Reality promptly bit me in the bum when I reached my car and found a parking ticket because my meter had run out of time. Metered parking lots hate me and I hate them in turn.

Also went to see Thor. Boyfriend is officially giant geek, but he is mine and I will own up to his geek status. Best I can say is that I laughed in all the wrong places and went a bit giggly when “The Abs” (as I shall call them) made their first appearance. It may not be the best movie, but given the alternatives, it’s not the worst. Overall, the land of the gods looked like a Sci-fi illustrator’s dreamland.

I have decided that my objective in life will be to talk like a Brit and dress with French flair. 😀 ha!

Last night…

My Miami Spice outing was wonderful! I think Miami Spice is one of the best ideas the Chamber of Commerce has come up with to promote top restaurants, as there is no way I could afford to eat in such splendor on a regular date night (poor, lowly student and all).

We chose The Capital Grille for our outing after debating the merits of the menus on offer. It was a great choice, and the place was delightfully jazzy and made me feel like I was in Chicago in the ’40s. I had the spring onion soup, lamb chops, and shared a creme brulee and a chocolate bread pudding with chocolate ice cream (we got one of each dessert on offer). Of course, there was the requisite glass of wine.

My b-chan claims that we were celebrating our almost-two-year anniversary, and I’ll have to take his word for it. I conveniently settled on January 1st as our official anniversary, though we really started dating around Christmas and didn’t make it official until the 2nd. Odd though it may seem, I’m not the kind of girl who generally remembers things like these, so choosing a major holiday as our anniversary seemed like the easiest option. It was a nice gesture, even if I am hopelessly absentminded about such things.