life: coronavirus fears and travel plans…


So I’m traveling this week… It’s a decision I’ve been wrestling with: Do I risk it? Do I stay home? I’m traveling for work, but I doubt they’d cover the funds if I cancel the trip. I tell myself, I’m going to Knoxville, it’s not a hot zone… but what if?

My greatest source of anxiety stems from the stream of constant updates coming at me while at work. I can escape the news at home (and have since I’ve been off twitter), but the emails are near constant while I’m at work. There are 2(3?) cases reported in Florida (as of the last update I read), none in my area, but there’s a very real threat to my not-in-the-best-of-health parents and grandmother. I’m low-key terrified for them. I don’t want to panic, but FFS this is a mess of a situation.

I’ve never been so anxious about a 4-day trip. What happens if they get sick and I can’t get home? GAH! Anxiety level high!

Fingers crossed and good health to all!


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2 thoughts on “life: coronavirus fears and travel plans…”

  1. I hope all goes well for you! I’m not sure if San Antonio is a hot zone, but since we have all the quarantined people here, it was inevitable that the virus would get out. But Jason and I worry a bit about our trip in May, since we’re flying into Seattle…

    1. They’re all being shuttled straight to you all so it does make sense :(. I have family in Solano, CA and they seem to be doing ok despite the number of cases there.
      I have a coworker who just returned from Seattle and we were all a little concerned when she chose not to quarantine (sort of lucky for me, I work at a different campus). The university where I work is encouraging self-quarantine where needed (we have a campus is China that had to close and everyone was sent home, so there’s already an expectation) . I’m hoping I don’t have to quarantine after my trip, but who knows. Apparently, TN is responding pretty well to cases so we’ll see.

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