social distance diaries: days 282-288

in which we have the best holiday possible

Day 282, Monday

Went to the doctor. Still don’t know what the growth is, but it’s not a liquid cyst, so I’m going in for a CT guided biopsy. Sigh. She’s still fairly positive it’s not aggressive, but I’m starting to consider the very likely possibility that this will be a surgery rather than a watch-and-wait situation.

Because it’s not going to be a regular Christmas, I popped a fresh mask on and went to visit my mom and gran so I could hand them their presents. I sat by the door and recorded them from a distance. There is a very real chance that this will be the last Christmas my grandmother is lucid enough to sit up in a chair and chatter along, even if she no longer has control of her vocabulary.
It’s been a melancholy year.

Day 283, Tuesday

In light of the fact that my dad is also dealing with a cancer diagnosis, I masked up again and sat outside his building to give him his present. There’s a dog park in his building and some long, shady benches, which make it easy to spend some time with him at a safe distance, though I’ve been loathe to take the risk in the last few months (not that the people who live with him have been taking similar precautions, I’m always worried for him).

Day 284, Wednesday

Today was for me. I’m nearly done with the current draft and might be finished by the end of the month at this pace, so I focused on writing for much of the morning despite a lingering pressure headache that refuses to go away.

I’ve been recording my days for a week in the life vlog, so that’s been a fun side project. I also uploaded a new Study with me/Write with me video that I recorded last week.

Day 285, Thursday

Happy Christmas Eve! Noche Buena to mi gente. Normally, this would be a night for family gatherings and dinner with my loved ones, but this year I’ll be doing takeout with the boy in a well ventilated space. I’ve been buying takeout at least a few times a month to support local businesses and give myself a break from cooking and cleaning. My diet has been more varied and experimental than ever, which I enjoy, but the cleaning is the worst.

Day 286, Friday

Happy Christmas! It was a different sort of Christmas for us all, but a lovely day overall in my experience. The boy rigged a screen up in his yard so we could watch WW84 while keeping our distance and I baked a cake for both of us to share.

We recorded a special episode of the podcast all about our cozy favorites that aired as this year’s Christmas special. You can find it at The Bluestocking Circle.

Day 287, Saturday

Back to writing. Lots of cleaning (I purchased the WORST cat litter ever and it keeps getting on EVERYTHING. I’ve had to vacuum every day this week).

Day 288, Sunday

Another day of writing and taking care of stuff around the house. Edited a collection of clips for a week in the life vlog that will be going up soon. Follow me on YouTube for updates.

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2 thoughts on “social distance diaries: days 282-288”

  1. Christmas was very sad this year. Virtual gatherings just aren’t the same. I’m really glad I had a few outdoors, far-apart, masked, tiny gatherings, so I at least got to SEE my parents and two of my four siblings in person. It’s just not the same, and I think it’s harder on me because last year we didn’t get a full Christmas either due to other circumstances involving two family members who moved house (long story, nothing negative, just no places to host). We’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of the last time I saw my grandparents, both of whom are just about on their last legs. And who, of course, are refusing to get a covid vaccine. Sigh. All because my grandfather got a flu shot once years ago and got the flu that same day, and they’re all convinced it was from the vaccine. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

    1. I realized later that night that this is what Christmas will be like when my parents are gone and that was indeed a sobering thought. I don’t have a large family, and the one relative I’m close to currently lives across the country (same for the boy), so it’s a weird look into my future.
      My mom won’t refuse the vaccine, but there’s no convincing her that the side effects of the flu shot aren’t the symptoms of the flu. The first time I caught the flu, I caught it from her (she was still working at a school at the time, so she caught it from one of the kids in her group), but she had a milder experience because she received the shot. I hadn’t and it was AWFUL.

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