bullet journal-2 weeks and counting

So I started my bullet journal at the beginning of September, mostly because I think I’m going to let my medium kikki k. planner go in favor of the bullet journal and I want to get a feel for my preferred layouts before January rolls around and I’m going mad with planning. I’m currently experimenting with three different layouts, but I’m already leaning towards the one page spread with a blank page for notes. I’m also enjoying the at-a-glance monthly goals and to-do page that I created for September, and already set one up for October. My only concern with giving up my traditional planner is that sometimes I need to schedule things months in advance, and I’m not planning on designing months worth of pages in advance, so… I’m probably going to switch to my small kikki k. as a backup for work scheduling.

Now, some may be asking why I bother with all this paper planning mess and don’t just use google calendar or outlook? The answer is I do and I have a bad habit of never looking at it. I much prefer to write things down and see it all in my own handwriting.

Here’s the current state of affairs.

Month at a glance.

 photo 61C34F99-9E09-40D2-A1A1-BBBB8EE78408_zpsqrjmwhma.jpg

Two week spread (current).

 photo 64946129-4855-4225-98A1-B1283E694BB8_zps2qepdfof.jpg

October month-at-a-glance (in which I invested in some stamps).

 photo 8701C5D2-4A38-4886-B238-BDC835B9CD95_zpsx1xa57yg.jpg

One week spread, with notes underneath.

 photo CE912D65-984D-4195-B075-CC46361B621D_zpszv5mj1dw.jpg

One week spread with separate notes page.

 photo 0C6E991D-456E-4F4B-918B-3EE53E24A317_zps08o7u7km.jpg

The last one is probably going to be my primary layout for weekly planning.

How do you keep track of things? Do you prefer paper or electronic planning?