life: May – month in review


Finished the draft! “Red Dragon” will rest while I review Project 2 and revisit Project 1.

Went to Orlando for a conference, made sure to stop by Harry Potter land.

Went off the [budget] rails (see Orlando, Harry Potter adventure).

Read some very good books, and some ok audiobooks *video review coming in June*

Visited a local animal sanctuary and saw all the creatures I love.

diagon alley universal orlando dragon

peacock and peahen

No video this week because LIFE.

June goals and such

Still getting things figured out, my PCOS diagnosis is pretty much official, and I’ve started a new fitness regimen! Lots happening in June, and it’s almost my birthday: time to revisit my goals for the year.

Just checking in to say hi and catch up on what’s been happening in my slightly hectic life.

life: waiting, again?

So the storm has come and gone, leaving mostly wet rounds and lights out for a lot of Miamians. Most shocking of all, my power made it through the winds… though, with my luck, it’ll probably go out when there’s not a breeze to be felt.

All well and good, except that they’re projecting a second hit (?!). It’s happened before. So the plants are going back out,  the cold brew will be had, and my emergency meal prep will be eaten, but I may have to go through it all again in a few days. Gah!

Anyhow, I’m taking advantage of this day off (I had it off even before the storm), and going to get a loan for the new car. I can’t keep living with so much uncertainty.

it is what it is… or, another random update

Yes, indeed, it’s another random update! Hurrah! And gadzooks!

Ok, enough of that.

Things are better than they were earlier this week. I gave myself permission to just be and enjoy the small stuff, so here I am. I have to say, you Twitter peeps are the best and excellent when it comes to virtual hugs and support. Thank you!

My NaNo rebellion is coming along well, despite some minor setbacks (re: laziness) on Thursday and Friday. My characters are being their usual wicked selves and taking me for a spin, but the plot is developing into something resembling a real plot and some of those minor characters are becoming less minor in a pleasantly unexpected way. I think I will be able to get through the first full draft at this rate and be able to start on the next round of edits by December. *fingers crossed*

Life wise, I’ve also been sticking to my health and fitness challenge and feeling all the better for it. I’m such a sucker for goals… keeps me motivated and stirs me up just when I need stirring.

I even did some gardening today and took care of the rooftop shrubbery. I surprise myself every time I see how nicely the plants have been coming along. My catnip is positively invasive.

My next plan, is to save some monies for home improvement projects and finally make this place look decent. I shall start by closing the hole around my AC unit. Yes, I’m going to turn into a DIY-er for the holidays and am really hoping for some Lowe’s cards for Christmas. My Pinterest is going to explode with paint and decorating ideas. 

Off I go…