social distance diaries: days 127-133

surviving the summer of our discontent…

Day 127, Monday

Completed my writing goal for the month, which gives me enough time to start an extra chapter before July ends (if all goes well). My goals are super modest, but they’ve been keeping me on track for the last few months.

Day 128, Tuesday

Started my new running plan using Nike Run Club. Also gave in to an unplanned splurge (damn you clever marketing!) and upgraded my fitbit alta with a fitbit inspire, so I can finally monitor my heart rate.

Day 129, Wednesday

Planned to get started on a review, but best laid plans were unlaid. Oh well. If this strange period has taught me anything it’s to accept the unexpected with as much grace as possible.

Trying not to obsess over the possible hurricane churning in the Atlantic… I’m more prepared than ever because of my pandemic stock and excess of batteries from last year’s hurricane prep. Still… I really DON’T want to deal with another crisis on top of the current one.

Day 130, Thursday

IBS? PCOS? Who knows, but I felt pretty rotten. Hoping it’s a passing symptom and not a sign of something else. I’m one week into my post-Dr’s visit quarantine and feeling fine otherwise. And by fine, I mean low-key tired, but what else is new?

Day 131, Friday

Back to the vet. Mom’s outdoor kitty with the abscess has some sort of resistant infection, so he got a new round of antibiotics and the Dr. sent a sample to the lab. Same thing happened last time 😦

Met with one of my department faculty to figure out some plans for the Fall. Finding the motivation to plan activities for the Fall term has proven difficult. Not sure how successful we will be, but it’s a start and we both need the motivation.

Received my 30 day heart monitor. Maybe I’ll have some answers after this… maybe an inkling?

Day 132, Saturday

Completed my weekly running goal and a return to my old habit. It was hard. I can barely manage a few minutes without feeling like my legs are going to fall off, but it’s a start.

Writing and podcast recording in the afternoon. I completed my writing goal for the month a few days early, so I upped that goal by a chapter.

Day 133, Sunday

I planned to write but gave in to the siren call of a cleaning frenzy. Deep cleaned the bathroom, did the laundry, and sorted through my linen closet/supply cabinet. It’s not perfect, but it’s a darn sight better than it was before I went through it.

Spent the rest of the night reading, which felt pretty glorious.

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2 thoughts on “social distance diaries: days 127-133”

  1. The hurricane situation is tricky. We don’t really have to worry much about the hurricanes themselves – they lose strength by the time they reach us, so it’s just major thunderstorms with high winds – but San Antonio is the evacuation center for most of the TX coast. Every year, we have hundreds or thousands of evacuees from various coastal areas arrive, and normally they are housed in the Freeman coliseum. However, this year the coliseum is set up for hospital overflow due to covid, and with only 10% of beds available city-wide, we’re on the edge of needing to use it. So this year they’ve had to reshuffle to try to get hotel beds for evacuees and we just hope the hurricane season won’t be too bad. (Feeble hope in 2020, yeah?) At least the last hurricane that was supposed to smash through Corpus Christi last week went far enough south that it didn’t impact too many population centers. Corpus has had major covid outbreak, and evacuees would bring that in, too…it’s a whole mess. I really do hope that the season isn’t bad and that you don’t end up in an evacuation order either!

    1. It looks unlikely that it will become a major storm at this point, but there’s a second little orange X off the coast of Africa that keeps the fear alive.

      I think most native Floridians take storms in stride because we’re almost always in the cone, but the last two years (with Irma and Maria) have done a number on my sense of survival. It’s a horrible feeling. If I do need to evacuate, I’ll go to my mom’s because even the county is advising against using our shelters unless it is an absolute need. They’ve been using hotels for covid patients that need to isolate from their families, but also working out a plan to use them as shelters. At least tourism is down, so there’s that.

      I’ve been seeing stories out of Texas. I didn’t realize capacity was that bad! We have more deaths every day but our hospitalizations seem to have leveled out in the 2000 range (I say, like it’s a positive). I do keep wondering if we will ever know how many cases are active vs. recovered. It’s not a great plateau 😦

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