life: January – month in review


Plans were made, habits were started, and more tarot cards were read.

Some good things:

  • Finished Draft 1 of the secret angst project.
  • Completed all 30 days of YWA’s Home yoga program.
  • Started decluttering the stuff that’s been taking over my home for the last year or so.
  • Read some good books. (video coming this week)
  • Limited my coffee intake and stayed within budget (for lattes).

Some challenges:

  • Grumpy face kitty had to go to the vet. Lots of trauma for all. She’s ok though; have to monitor her bladder sitch and feed her a vet diet (I have thoughts, but not going to challenge this).


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life: April – month in review

Month in review april

Met my Camp NaNo goal! 30k words = a solid start.

Tried my hand at 1st person POV and did not hate it.

Took a writing retreat (technically, still on a writing retreat).

Found myself an amazing vintage bag c. 1994 and am loving it. It’s classic, mahogany leather, and holds all the essentials.

Finally created my author website. It’s just a placeholder, but it’s a start –

Set up a coffee budget and it’s been pretty life changing (video to come).


The Bag

June goals

I’ve been getting into the habit of writing down my goals for the month on an index card. It’s quick and easy, and keeps me grounded when I need a reminder. June’s goals are not very different from May’s goals, but they help to keep me motivated.
 photo junegoals_zpsol2mguuz.png

  • Finish draft rewrite (on target and toying with a possible title)
  • Reintroduce foods after Whole30 (starts today)
    • Legumes: peanuts, maybe beans when it feels worth it (mostly because I already know how those make me feel)
    • Non-gluten grains: oats, maybe some corn chips (already have issues digesting raw corn), rice
    • Dairy: full-fat yogurt or frozen yogurt as a treat, maybe some hard cheese or mozzarella (like the beans and corn, I already know how these make me feel)
    • Gluten grains: maybe some bread, a croissant or something similar. I’m not in a rush to reintroduce processed carbs.
  • Walk, walk, walk – running just hurts too much and my knees/hips can’t handle it anymore. I’ve progressed up to 3 mile walks a few times a week, with shorter walks during lunch time.
  • Yoga! – My practice suffered a bit in May because of other commitments and time constraints, but I’m working on a 3 day schedule.
  • Blog/vloggy goodness will continue 🙂
  • Relax! – I’ll be turning 32 this month (!) and I’m taking a mini-break to celebrate before going to ALA for the weekend. As soon as the draft is done, I’m catching up on all the books and shows 🙂 🙂 🙂

What are your June goals?