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Pinterest is one of my online happy places. I make regular boards for the podcast, but one of my writerly pursuits is curating boards for WIPs and saving writing tips for easy access.

Current project: “Red Dragon”

note: my WIPs have a “code name” before they have a title. There are no dragons in this novel. *shrug emoji*


For inspiration, tips, and more, follow “Writing and Fiction”


video: Querying, WIPS, and revisiting dropped projects

It’s time for a writing update! What I’m working on, current and future plans, and revisiting shelved novels. Today’s update is a long time coming, but I’m excited to start working on new projects.

Are you working on a writing project? How’s it going? Drop a comment down below! 🙂

November is really kicking my bum

Egads! November has thrown me way off course writing and life-wise. There is just too much stuff happening at once. And I want to do it ALL! I’m trying to avoid spreading myself too thin, but seems unavoidable lately.

Some good things…

  • My gaming day event was a huge success by my standards (small library/campus, more than 50 people equals lots of fun).
  • I totally failed at keeping my New Year’s Resolutions (re: let my hair grow out). I got a pixie cut. I love it. So there.
  • The Book Fair!!!! OMG! BERKS!!!!
  • The WIP is coming together nicely. It’s become more of a rewrite than a revision, but I’m going about it in a different way this time and rewriting scene by scene, rather than doing a full-scale rewrite. Cassiel needed the works (new setting, change of characters, plot, etc.), Anúna just needs to grow into the action.

The not so good…

  • I’m definitely not near my NaNo goal, but I’m no longer aiming for it. I’m back to my original goal of complete 2nd draft by February. I can’t remember how I came up with February… but I think it has something to do with Camp NaNo in April.
  • Commitments, commitments.
  • I need a vacation. I feel it.

The sense of an ending

At this very moment… yes, right now… Cassiel rewrite draft 1 is complete at a whopping 104,108 words. That’s… er… that’s a lot more than I intended to write.  I started this rewrite as a revision, but the story took on a whole new life and got away from me. It’s much better than the first version, I have to say, but it is essentially a whole new FIRST draft of a new old story. *sigh* I’m going to walk away from this for a few months. I’m going back to revising Anúna (any betas interested in reading an urban fantasy *hint hint wink wink*). My goal is a nice, in-depth revision and read through while Cassiel marinades in my brain. Get ready for manic revision blogging!

How did I write so much? Oh, the edits to be done...
How did I write so much? Oh, the edits to be done…

Now, to print it on the cheap…