social distance diaries, days 359-365

in which it’s been a whole year

Day 359, Monday

Back to campus for my third time in the office. Still adjusting, though it’s kind of a nice change despite the slight increase in risk (I say slight, because I see 4-5 people at most).

Day 360, Tuesday

One VERY long two hour drive through rush-hour traffic/early evening to pick up the boy after work. I haven’t driven such a long stretch since May-ish, when I dropped him off and had a panic attack on the way home. I drove right by the gas station where I pulled in that time to slow my racing heart.

Day 361, Wednesday

A short return to campus. My body was not cooperating and I headed home after getting some work done. No one really missed me. Finished working from home.

Day 362, Thursday

A year ago today, I started WFH.

Today, I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Needed a two hour nap and my arm is sore as heck.

Should I call these diaries Year 2 or continue the numbering? I’m leaning towards the latter. (The numbers are a little off because I didn’t start the diaries on day 1)

Day 363, Friday

Arm still crazy sore and a little swollen, but I haven’t had any other side effects so YAY!

Day 364, Saturday – Day 365, Sunday

Migraine and a parental health situation (not quite scare, but not quite routine). Not a very productive weekend, but my body told me to take a break. I planned to write for 6 hours, managed 1.5. I’ll take it.

Didn’t realize it was time to spring forward until I woke up in the middle of the night and my phone told me it was 3 but the clock on the stove said it was 2. Spent most of the morning in a migraine post-drome hangover. Hoping it will be gone by Monday.

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2 thoughts on “social distance diaries, days 359-365”

  1. One year. I know three of us who have been keeping (roughly) weekly updates going for the last year, and others who do more sporadic ones. I said in my anniversary post on Saturday that I really hadn’t expected, when I began my quarantine diaries series, to still be doing it a year later. And yet…

    I’m so glad you were able to get the vaccine! Fingers crossed you don’t have too many problems with the second. I definitely had a reaction though it wasn’t the normal ones they mention. Well, the three-day migraine was, but that could have been hormone related because I was at that part of the cycle. The ten-days of extreme hunger was not normal, but definitely related to the vaccine!

    1. Me neither :(. I have a 5 year journal and just got to the entry where I thought we were only going to work remote for 2 weeks, then until the summer. Little did we imagine…
      Interesting re: the hunger. I’ve been crazy hungry for the last few days and just woke up last night at 3am with painful hunger pangs. I wonder if it’s related too!

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