life: Feb-Mar month in review

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I plotted my next writing project, and adopted a new method to take control of the middle before it becomes messy (one of my greatest issues as a writer).

Sent out my first batch of queries. And received my first batch of rejections. It’s a learning experience and I received valuable feedback. (ta!)

I’m still working the #ootd tag and maintained a steady stream of posts @lifeingminor despite less than ideal lighting conditions. Such is the curse of the early morning riser.

Received some disappointing news – I have a confirmed cyst (actually, I have more than one, but only one is concerning). Had an MRI and await results.

My #projectpan is going strong – I measured my Kosas and Besame lipsticks and have seen some real progress. Meanwhile, my eye shadows are starting to show a dip and I’ve been playing with various eye looks for daytime.

Went to Knoxville for a conference. The city was lovely and the food was great. Fun times (and too many impulse buys).

Author: emilia grace

romance writer and bibliophile

4 thoughts on “life: Feb-Mar month in review”

  1. It’s so nice when you actually receive feedback on rejections! I’ve only ever had that happen once or twice. Wishing you luck with further queries, as well as the cyst situation.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised, because I was expected a form response or no response at all. Finger crossed for feedback on the next batch.
      Still no news on the cyst 😦

  2. Sorry about your bad news! But good luck on your project pan! It’s so satisfying finishing a lipstick!

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